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First responders and necessary employees have maintained their work throughout the closures mandated to limit the spread of COVID-19, though they have had to adapt in order to help protect themselves and the public.

Deputies at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office have had to adjust to the changes, though their day-to-day duties have remained largely the same, Sheriff Amy Reyes said.

Deputies are still responding to calls, but the sheriff’s office reduced in-office staff by 50% prior to the March 22 order to do so, even though the order exempts essential businesses – a classification that includes law enforcement, Reyes said.

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The Chaffee County Writers Exchange has cancelled the March 14…

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Monday marked the first day of remote learning for Lake County School District (LCSD), an unprecedented event in the school district’s history. Governor Jared Polis suspended in-person learning across the state through April 17 earlier this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For at least three weeks, teachers will teach and learners will learn from home.

Remote learning looks different for young learners at LCSD than it does for computer savvy high school students. Regardless, the district’s goal is to make students and their families feel supported through measures like check-in calls to parents and a free Monday through Friday lunch distribution.

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