by Destinee Lukianoff

Leadville Main Street Manager

It’s exciting to take everything the Leadville Main Street Program has learned and achieved in 2018 and put it into words.

The Leadville Main Street Program’s story grows every year, and last year was one of community pride and boots-on-the-ground work. We strive to consistently share our story and progress with the community every step of the way. The act of storytelling is one person to the next and then to the 10,000th person from there, and just like that, our presence has started to grow in Leadville. As the Main Street manager, I embody storytelling by inviting everyone for coffee and conversation to talk main streets throughout the year and will continue this tradition in the new year. Until then, here is the Leadville Main Street Program’s 2018 year in review.

When the program first started, we worked on sharing with the community why we are a Main Street community, and now with some time under our belt, we are starting to share our impact and investment. The program continues to be dedicated to activating public spaces, beautification and demonstrating a strong historic preservation ethic downtown.

In one year, we raised $26,000 towards beautification and activating public space projects. Next summer, we will have new planter boxes that will be consistent with the way-finding signage design and an overall vision of the city’s character. The planter program has 50 sponsors that will sustain the program and brighten downtown with flowers for next summer. We identified and prioritized the revitalization of Zaitz Park with a new mural, string lights, fresh paint and restroom facility maintenance. We supported the La Fiestas Patrias event, coordinated Shop Leadville/Small Business Saturday with the chamber, decorated for Spooky Zaitz Park and Trick-or-Treat Street, and participated in the Parade of Lights.

The program has brought in $241,000 of private, grant and foundation dollars for historic preservation awareness and preservation projects into downtown Leadville, our National Historic Landmark District. These funds consisted of four Historic Structural Assessments (HSA) and the Partners In Preservation: Main Streets Campaign. Not including a fifth HSA that was submitted before the end of the year. We envision small, incremental growth towards maintaining and preserving all of our historic buildings downtown, and ultimately, to maintain these buildings, in itself, is growth and economic vitality for our community overall. We are large supporters of the Tabor Opera House and its success. We are thoughtful about integrating history in a fun and fresh way through beautification projects. Most importantly, we want to strengthen relationships that catapult historic preservation projects and bring more resources to our downtown.

Organizationally, a part-time Leadville Main Street manager position was created. We formalized our City of Leadville Main Street Advisory Board with seven board members and the Mayor, who serves as an additional honorary board member, and established bylaws. Our second, two- year Community Vision Survey was launched in December to gather feedback from the community and guide the board’s decisions for our annual work plan.

The Colorado Main Street department provided an additional $19,000 in training and consultant resources to create a strong organizational foundation for the program in Leadville throughout the year.

These unique resources and relationships have all been possible because we are a Main Street community. In 2019, our goals include sustainability, consistency and building capacity with the program. We raised $5,000 from the Light Up Main Street Live and Silent Auction Fundraiser that will support our 2019 annual work plan projects and programs. The Leadville Main Street Board looks forward to sharing with you our 2019 updated strategic work plan, and 2019 Annual Work Plan and Budget in the beginning of February.

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