Starting in 2020, it will be easier than ever for visitors to reserve a campsite, cabin, yurt, picnic area or other facilities at Colorado’s 41 state parks.

Effective Jan. 1, all of Colorado’s state parks will require campers to book campsites within the Colorado Parks and Wildlife purchasing system. This provides campers the flexibility to book any time from six months in advance up until the moment of arrival at the park, having found an available site.

This program was first tested successfully at five parks in 2018, followed by testing at 17 more in 2019. Using the system, campers can reserve a site 24/7, up until the time of arrival. Previously, reservations had to be made at least three days ahead of a planned stay. Campsites must now be reserved via logging on to or calling 800-244-5613.

Park managers already using the booking system reported general satisfaction with eliminating the requirement to reserve spots at least three days in advance, in exchange for reserving campsites any time from up to six months in advance to the day of arrival. The ability to reserve a site on the same day eliminates the need for campers to gamble on a first-come, first-served spot, only to arrive at the park and find that there aren’t any spots available.

Campers who occupy a campsite without a reservation will be subject to a citation and/or eviction. All campers must reserve a campsite prior to occupying the site. Note: cellular coverage at some state parks (including the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Golden Gate Canyon, State Forest and Highline) can range from spotty to non-existent. CPW advises those interested in camping at these parks to make their reservations online or by phone before arrival.

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