As 2020 begins, local businesses are looking back at this year’s events. Though a few businesses had little change in their sales, most found that sales had increased from 2018 to 2019.

Matchless Treasures Thrift Shop at 623 Harrison Ave. had a busy year. The $10 bag days kept people coming in year-round. An employee commented that recently Christmas trees have sold faster than other items. Like most Leadville businesses, Matchless Thrift is expecting business to slow down for the winter season.

According to owner Ann Stanek, Harperrose Studios sales have increased since 2018. Jewelry produced by several local artists is the top-selling item. The most popular artist last year was Jessica Vogel, who is known for her glass paintings. The winter season at Harperrose, 601 Harrison Ave., has been getting busier every year, and Stanek expects that trend to continue through the coming year.

According to Lacey Weisenburger of Aspen Traders, 613 Harrison Ave., the shop has not seen significant change in business from 2018 to 2019. This year, there didn’t seem to be special interest in any specific product. Weisenburger is expecting the shop’s sales this winter to be similar to the last.

Leadvelo Bicicasa, 719 Harrison Ave., has been open for about four months, and owner Rafael Millan said that business is going great. He has found connections within the local community and is hoping for a busy summer. This season Millan has been repairing and renovating all kinds of bikes at his shop.

Leadville Outdoors, 225 Harrison Ave., has recently acquired a liquor license. Megan Sweeney says that it has brought a new fun element to their store this season. Business has increased slightly because of the addition of the liquor license.

The Leadville Race Series store at 316 Harrison Ave. had one of the best summers ever this past year. Now that cold weather has set in, handmade mugs and other drinkware have been selling quickly. Through the winter, the Leadville Race Series store will be completely online, with the storefront only open for community events.

Tophat, 616 Harrison Ave., has experienced a drop in the numbers of customers coming into the shop this year. “The fun socks have been very popular among tourists this year,” said owner Jill Smith. Smith is expecting a busy winter, so long as traffic flow through Leadville is steady.

Melanzana, 716 Harrison Ave., has doubled production and sales since 2018. The microgrid hoodie is as popular as ever, but the fastest selling product is the high-loft hoodie. According to a Melanzana employee, 600 of the high-loft hoodies were sold in five days. Sales and production are expected to continue to increase throughout the winter. Alana Yates says although Melenzana has experienced a continuing increase in popularity, the plan is to stay local and continue to bring people to Leadville.

Last year, owner of Cloud City Botanicals Lisa Galletti expanded her business into Eagle County and also began selling online. Her handmade lotions are the most popular, especially in the winter. Galletti is hoping to expand even more through 2020. Her store located at 138 W. 7th St.

Ron Bosanko, at Bosanko Woodworks, 711 Harrison Ave., Suite E., found that sales were down this year, with a particularly slow July. Notably, custom benches were popular this year, as many people appeared to be looking for entryway furniture.

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