Bluegrass, folk music, and a bilingual opera come to the historic Tabor Opera House in Leadville the weekend of June 14-15.

A doubleheader of Chatham County Line and John Craigie rock the Tabor on Friday, June 14, starting at 8 p.m. This lively performance is the second in the Pickin’s Pick series curated by Rob Miller.

Hailing from Raleigh, N.C., Chatham County Line blends bluegrass, roots influences and songwriting. They are some of the best pickers in the business, said Miller, making a traditional style their own and singing songs with a universal message. At the Tabor, they’ll be pickin’ songs from their newest album, Sharing the Covers, released in March 2019.

John Craigie, from Portland, Ore., is known for humorous storytelling as well as serious folk music, delivered in an eloquent Americana style. Miller calls Craigie one of the Bob Dylans of this generation, and The Stranger dubbed him the lovechild of John Prine and Mitch Hedberg. “His music makes you laugh, and it’s done with a unique style that is unforgettable,” said Miller.

Colorado families have the rare opportunity to see Central City Opera’s Spanish/English bilingual opera, “En Mis Palabras/In My Own Words” at the historic Tabor Opera House on June 15, at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 - $20 and can be purchased online. One family will be entered to win tickets to Central City Opera’s Nina Odescalchi Kelly Family Matinee performance of “Madam Butterfly.”

“En Mis Palabras/In My Own Words” was commissioned by Central City Opera as a one-act opera in 2005 to address the reality of the culturally diverse community of Colorado and the universal theme of adolescent development, finding your own voice, and learning who you are amid parental expectations and peer influences. 

The story follows 15-year-old Latina Ana Maria who lives with her family in the United States. Her brother advises her to assimilate as completely as possible into American culture, as he is doing, in order to be successful. Ana Maria argues with her father and confides in her wise grandmother as she struggles with being an American girl from an immigrant family. She starts speaking and singing in English, changes her name and dresses differently in an attempt to fit in. But as the story continues, Ana Maria realizes that her culture and its presence in her life are important, and that she must look within to find her own answers.

“En Mis Palabras/In My Own Words” is approximately 55 minutes in length with four singers including a soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone, accompanied by piano and classical guitar. The content addresses elements in the middle and high school curriculum including literacy, history and social studies. Accompanying study materials in both English and Spanish are available for teachers and students at

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