Following are the results of the Boom Days mining events held Saturday and Sunday:

All-around miner this year was Jesse Pattridge.

The Boom Days rock weighed 59,240 pounds. Winner of “guess the weight” was Chris Snyder who donated his winnings to the Elks Lodge.

Saturday Events:

Single Jackleg Drilling

1st - James Booth, 1:45.29

2nd - Dominic Patti, 1:49.39

3rd - Aaron Reeder, 1:52.08

Men’s Spike Driving

1st - Dennis Clark, 00:37.18

2nd - Jesse Pattridge, 00:42.67

3rd - Christopher Scott, 00:51.98

Women’s Spike Driving

1st - Crystal Huber, 00:41.40

2nd - Robin Kissell, 01:10.43

3rd - Suzanne Manly, 01:19.93

Men’s Hand Mucking

1st Jesse Pattridge, 01:18.38

2nd Steve MacDonald, 01:21.67

3rd Matt Decker, 01:30.65

Women’s Hand Mucking

1st Debbie Caves, 01:14.64

2nd Suzanne Manly, 01:27.89

3rd Robin Kissell, 01:58.12

Young Adults (Ages 16 - 18)

1st Ronald Booth, 01:25.17

2nd Hannah Kusch, 2:47.27

3rd Josh Matthiesen, 3:20.49

Men’s Single Hand Steeling

1st Jesse Pattridge, 7-7/8

2nd Tim Faye, 6-27/32

3rd Steve MacDonald, 6-27/32

Tie Breaker in above event Tim Faye, 3-31/32 (2nd)

Steve MacDonald, 3-7/16 (3rd)

Women’s Hand Steeling

1st Crystal Huber, 2-11/32

2nd Suzanne Manly, 1-9/16

3rd Robin Kissell, 1-1/16

Sunday Events:

3-Man Team Jackleg Drilling

1st - Steve MacDonald/Jesse Pattridge/Jim Morrison, 3:19.64

2nd - Jesse Pattridge/Emmit Hoyl/Steve MacDonald, 3:21.50

3rd - Dennis Clark/Dominic Patti/James Booth, 3:30.49

Double Jacking

1st - Emmit Hoyl/Jesse Pattridge, 22-15/32

2nd - Jim Morrison/Kyle Carpenter, 17-17/32

3rd - Steve MacDonald/Tim Leedy, 14-1/2

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