A new townhome complex on Mountain View Drive might be on the way for Lake County.

On Monday, the Board of County Commissioners approved applicant Nick Potochnick’s sketch plan for Leadville Townhomes.

The proposed development includes 30 duplex and townhome dwelling units on 2.95 acres. The complex would nearly double the density level currently allowed under the Lake County Development Code for urban residential zoning, 5.8 dwelling units per acre with a 7,500 square foot minimum lot size.

Two- to three-bedroom units are expected to range from 1,000 to 1,300 sq. ft. and will likely be modular in construction.

Potochnick expects to offer units in the high $200,000s and low $300,000s and has shown verbal interest in complying with Lake County’s proposed inclusionary zoning language. The drafted housing policy would require Potochnick to provide five deed-restricted units meeting 80-to-120 percent area median income.

Potochinick, who owns Frisco-based G&G Roofing, expects to reserve four or five of the development’s units for his employees.

At this point, Leadville Townhomes is expected to maintain about 50% open space, part of which will become a playground. A pull-off for school-bus access is planned, and a pedestrian crossing across Mountain View Dr. is a condition of the county’s sketch plan approval.

The BOCC is also requiring Potochnick to take another look at road paving for his preliminary plan submittal; the majority of the development’s 450-foot access road is currently set to be unpaved. Potochnick agreed to obtain estimates on paving in order to gain a deeper understanding of how paving would affect the affordability of units.

Potochnick is also required to present a more comprehensive snow-storage plan in Leadville Townhomes’ preliminary plan.

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