Giving locally to various nonprofits is just as important as shopping locally. The Herald Democrat will provide information on these organizations as well as how to give in the coming weeks. In all cases, unless noted otherwise, addresses are Leadville at 80461.

The Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation has the following mission: To support the needs of the Leadville and Lake County communities and build a better, brighter tomorrow while respecting our mining heritage.

Some of the ways the foundation has assisted:

• $2,000 scholarships awarded to all Lake County graduating seniors who commit to continuing their education after high school

• The “Legacy Foundation Early College Fund” allowing students to graduate from high school with Associate’s Diploma. The state pays for tuition; the Legacy Foundation has contributed over $21,000 to help cover the additional cost of textbooks and class fees.

• $1,500 - Advocates of Lake County – new washer and dryer.

• $2,500 - The Center Early Childhood program – new vision screener.

• $1,100 - National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum – bilingual interpretive information panels showing areas of significance to Leadville’s iconic mining history.

• $3,500 - Fire Station II – new range, washer and dryer.

• $2,500 - Cloud City Wheelers “Pedal for the Park” – bike park fundraiser.

• $15,000 - St George’s Community Kitchen – kitchen remodel project

Send donations to P.O. Box 1.

Cloud City Conservation Center, C4, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County.

In 2019 C4 expanded the local food production by nearly double to 2,300 pounds of greens and vegetables grown in Lake County.

The produce was distributed to more than 30 families in Lake County as well as to St. George’s Community Meals and the Food Health class at Public Health.

All the waste from the Leadville Race Series was diverted away from the Lake County landfill, recycling and composting most of the materials. 187 unique youths engaged in 71 hours of educational activities at the farm.

C4 always welcomes volunteers for hands-on projects at the farm, or technical help in the office. Email to get involved.

Donations to support subsidized produce deliveries to the Community Meals program at St. George’s Church or to the CARE program can be mailed to P.O. Box 459 or click the donate button at

The Tree of Sharing last year provided gifts and warm clothing to over 500 children in this community thanks to local donations.

Checks may be written to LCCF/Tree of Sharing and mailed to the Tree of Sharing, P.O. Box 838.

The Tree of Sharing does not receive government funds and is dependent on the generosity of Lake County residents, services and private organizations.

This year, the Holiday Store will be at the CMC gymnasium on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Volunteers are needed for canister collection, shopping for gifts, inventory, setup and tear down of event, and on the day of the event, for babysitting, the gift wrapping station, helping registrants select gifts for their children, and providing food for volunteers.

Contact Kristi Galarza, chairperson, at 719-293-4573 or

The mission of The Friends of The Leadville National Fish Hatchery is to support the hatchery and its historical significance, promote conservation ethics through education, improve outdoor recreational opportunities, and enhance the facilities for community events. To fulfill this mission the Friends have worked in many ways with the Leadville/Lake County community, including schools, the chamber of commerce, and several other groups both civic and private.

Friends of the Leadville National Fish Hatchery is a 501(c)(3). All projects are funded by donations and public contributions. Donations received at this time will be used for funding the window replacement project. The Friends need to raise $19,000 of a $95,000 total estimated cost to replace the existing glass windows in the hatchery building. Persons wishing to support the Friends may send donations to FLNFH, P.O. Box 1194.

Continued next week

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