Sam Frykholm

Lake County High School senior Sam Frykholm plans on studying environmental science in college. Further down the road, Frykholm hopes to work as a fly-fishing and backcountry-skiing guide in Russia.

At Lake County High School, all students create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) that guides their learning pathway. Through a multi-year process, students connect their interests, passions, and goals with intentional planning of their courses, internships, independent studies, concurrent-enrollment college classes, community service hours, and other experiences that prepare them for post-secondary options.

Student Name: Samuel Frykholm

Grade Level: 12

What are your ICAP goals?

I am planning to go to a liberal arts college to study environmental science with a minor or double major in another science or language field.

What specific things guide you in your ICAP process?

Here in Leadville and at LCHS, there are so many opportunities to do unique things. Just this past summer I was a high school intern through the SENDA Field Tech Internship at CMC. It was so amazing to take part in real science going on in my community and to understand more about water issues in Lake County. It solidified my passion for the outdoors and the environment.

Pick a few classes and describe how they are unique to you and your ICAP.

Currently I am in a fly-fishing/woodworking class which combines my love for fly-fishing with the biology and environmental science classes I’ve taken. I am also currently working on a few independent studies. One of them is in coding and mobile app development, and the other is looking at mass waste in Lake County.

Explain what your favorite class in high school has been and why.

My favorite classes have been philosophy and existential literature. I took the classes at the same time and enjoyed seeing how the two subjects were intertwined. I love questions with no definitive answers, and I enjoyed learning different ways of thinking about the world.

Describe any special experiences that you have been able to do in high school, such as college classes, internships, etc.

The flexibility of the ICAP allowed me to study abroad in Russia during the fall of my junior year. While in Russia, I enrolled at a university in the southern city of Krasnodar. I studied with a very diverse group of students from countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Tibet, and Nigeria. By far the most incredible part of my experience was hearing my classmates’ stories and what had brought them to Russia.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I will be working as a fly-fishing and backcountry-skiing guide in Kamchatka, Russia.

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