St. Vincent Hospital is no longer offering mammograms.

The federal regulatory agency for mammography requires that each imaging technician perform a minimum of 200 tests in a 24-month period. Demand has been inadequate for St. Vincent Hospital to maintain that volume.

Two-dimensional mammography imaging became available at St. Vincent in 2013. Shortly thereafter, three-dimensional technology became mainstream. Though 2-D mammography is reliable and effective for most patients, it has limitations for women who require advanced imaging due to family history or pre-existing conditions. As a result, the number of 2-D mammograms performed at St. Vincent in recent years has declined.

And while mammograms won’t be available any longer, the imaging department at St. Vincent will continue to offer ultrasound, CT scan, x-ray and bone density (DEXA) scans.

Alternative mammography centers are located in Edwards, Frisco and Salida.

St. Vincent Hospital will transfer medical records to a patient’s new chosen mammography facility. Patients may contact Teri Martin, imaging manager at St. Vincent Hospital, at 719-486-7153 or to get this process underway.

As far as new services are concerned, St. Vincent has partnered with Mobile Sleep Services, Inc. to be able to offer sleep studies— or polysomnography—in Leadville.

Sleep studies help diagnose sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, insomnia and more.

To learn more, contact Janet Petty with the business office at 719-486-7183 or

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