How Lake County voted

Lake County School District will build a new elementary school, thanks to the 1,240 Lake County residents who voted yes on Lake County ballot issue 4A.

The approved property tax increase will fund a $13.9 million bond to construct a new elementary school next to the current West Park Elementary School site. Sixty percent of construction costs, or $20.8 million, will be covered through a Colorado Department of Education BEST grant. 

“This is an affirmation in our community’s belief in public education and that our kids deserve a safe environment to learn in,” West Park Principal Kathleen Fitzsimmons told the Herald.

In other news, Bob Hartzell defeated Christine Whittington in the race for Colorado Mountain College’s District 6 Trustee. Hartzell received 71% of the votes. 

Ellie Solomon, Eudelia Contreras and Rod Weston were all voted onto the Lake County School District Board of Directors.

The majority of Lake County voters supported including Salida School District in the Colorado Mountain College taxing district. Results for the entire district were not available at press time.

Fifty-three percent of Lake County residents voted against Proposition CC, a ballot initiative that would allow the state to keep money it collects over its revenue limit and spend on transportation and education. The proposition failed at the state level.

About 51% of Lake County residents voted against Proposition DD, a ballot initiative that would legalize sports betting and dedicate subsequent tax revenue to water projects across the state. Statewide results for the proposition were not called as of press time.

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