The Lake County Nordic Ski Team headed to Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby for two races this past Saturday.

In the morning, the Panthers tackled a 3.5-kilometer classic race. The skiers were sent out in groups of about 50-60 skiers, seeded by their previous results. The day saw 121 girls and 160 boys competing.

Adele Horning notched her second top-five result in high school classic races when she crossed the line in fifth. Elona Greene was only 25 seconds behind her and placed 11th. Abby and Morgan Holm skied together in the front of the second wave and were 42nd and 43rd, separated only by a tenth of a second. Michaela Main was a few seconds behind in 46th. Hannah Holm placed 93rd with a furious double pole finish. The girls were fourth as a team in the classic race.

“It was great to see Abby, Morgan, and Michaela lead the second wave. They were so strong as they climbed the hills,” said Coach Karl Remsen.

Conner Lenhard and Jace Peters led the Panthers in the boys race with 10th and 11th place finishes, respectively. Matt Koch and Matt Cairns fought through the crowded middle of the first wave and were 27th and 31st. Desmond Sandoval bounced back from a couple of falls to place 88th. The boys team was also fourth in the classic race, a point ahead of Battle Mountain and two points ahead of Eagle Valley.

“Jace is proving to be a force in classic races,” Remsen said. “I think he is the fastest freshman classic skier in the state right now.”

As the day warmed, the skiers raced a second time. The afternoon event was a 5-kilometer individual-start skate race. The course sent skiers on a long gradual climb for the first half of the race, followed by a rolling downhill for the remainder.

As a team, the girls were fifth in the skate portion. Horning climbed well and was 10th. Greene used her strong V-2 technique and was 19th. Main improved upon her classic result and placed 34th. Abby Holm skied a smooth race and was 53rd. Morgan Holm was 66th and Hannah Holm placed 94th.

Lenhard was the top Lake County skier in the boys skate race as well, placing 17th. Cairns had his best Nordic race ever, charging up the main climb, and was 20th. Peters was the next Panther boy in 28th, and Koch was close behind in 45th. Sandoval placed 101st. The boys team was seventh in the skate race.

“Matt Cairns made a big push up the long climb halfway through the race, V-2ing where even top skiers were not. That’s when I knew he was having a good race,” remarked Remsen afterwards.

The team will head to Aspen for a skate race next week.

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