Taylor Trelka

Former West Park Elementary School teacher Taylor Trelka is Lake County School District’s new extended-learning coordinator. Trelka helped plan LCSD’s transition to a four-day school week.

Lake County School District is gearing up for its transition to a four-day school week in the 2020-2021 school year.

LCSD’s Board of Education decided to adopt the extended four-day calendar last April, following months of community input and research. The district will maintain the same number of overall school days by beginning a week earlier in August and extending two weeks into June.

In order to maximize student engagement and ease parents’ concerns about childcare options, the district has decided to offer optional low- or no-cost enrichment programs for students on Fridays. Fifth-day programming could include specialized classes or electives, outdoor opportunities, concurrent enrollment classes with Colorado Mountain College, apprenticeships, intervention programs and more. Bus and food services will also be offered.

Taylor Trelka, a former West Park Elementary School teacher and recent graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education, will lead LCSD’s transition to a four-day week.

As extended-learning coordinator, Trelka will pursue the funding, community partnerships and family engagement needed to make Friday programming a reality. Taking a year to plan, Trelka said, will help LCSD mitigate issues other school districts have faced with four-day-week implementation.

“Through a combination of looking at current research on four-day weeks and out-of-school programming, learning from other schools who have made this transition, and getting input from the community, we will put together and plan for our fifth-day programming so it can have the greatest impact,” Trelka told the Herald.

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