On Friday, July 12, Harperrose Studios and the Leadville Arts Coalition feature long-time Leadville local Marsha Carter as the 321 Fridays’ artist.

Join Carter as she demonstrates her stamped pottery and porcelain jewelry. The fun takes place from 4-8 p.m. at Harperrose Studios, 601 Harrison Ave.

Carter’s love for clay began at CMC Timberline Campus. During the late 1970s, she took clay classes at CMC, and as her passion developed, she taught clay classes at CMC for 13 years. When the college closed the art studio in 2012, Carter transformed a broken-down backyard shed into a studio. During the last six years, she has perfected her present style, utilizing glass she has collected for decades.

Marsha’s pottery is built/thrown for function: cups, trays, sugar jars, creamers. But each one is decorated with treasures that she has found while hiking around Leadville’s historic east side. Every one of her pieces is stamped with words, decorative designs, or labels that she has discovered on old glass.

“Most bottle collectors only want complete bottles, so when they dig, they discard the smaller pieces,” Carter said. These discarded pieces become “treasured stamps” for her pottery. Often she researches the labels and discovers their rich history. The Victorian period was one of high decoration, and even ordinary products came in decorated bottles that mimicked cut glass. Her complex porcelain pendants and earrings use melted colored glass as accents.

Carter is always looking for old treasures to add texture to her work. For example, she has taken her grandmother’s ornate buttons and jewelry and made corked stamps. During the 321 Fridays event, she will bring some samples of her glass shards and corked stamps. She plans to demo her stamping technique and talk about using an assortment of items for texture/stamping.

An active supporter of the arts in Leadville, Carter became involved in the Leadville Arts Council, a non-profit group that eventually morphed into the present day Leadville Arts Coalition.

“To support the arts, you don’t have to be an artist,” Carter reminds everyone.

Bottom line: Marsha Carter wants people to make connections with her work.

“I hope my mindful, knowledgeable and creative clay work connects the user to more than just the functional use of my unique pots,” she said. Those who come to Harperrose Studios on Friday, July 12, will enjoy the demonstrations, conversations, light refreshments and a fun evening.

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