The Lake County Civic Center Association is in the midst of adding a working kitchen to the Old Church, one of the historical buildings owned by the LCCCA. This will help make it a more usable venue for community events, said Carl Schaefer at last month’s annual LCCCA meeting.

The organization actually owns three buildings. Along with the Old Church, there is the Heritage Museum, one time the Carnegie Library. It also owns the small house behind the church which served as Ted Mullings’ Little Cottage Gallery until his recent death. Keeping these buildings in good repair is an ongoing effort.

Carl Schaefer, LCCCA president, noted that at one time, the LCCCA had 500 members. Today, that number has dropped to 90. Increasing membership is crucial to maintaining the LCCCA’s facilities. After all, the Heritage Museum is the only museum in Leadville that tells Leadville’s history, Schaefer said.

On Friday, the LCCCA added two new board members, Janice Fox and Scott Carroll, both of whom bring something different to the organization.

Fox, who spent 13 years at the Lake County Public Library working in the area of Leadville history, is well known for the many historical presentations that drew large audiences at the library. She is now working for the Temple Israel Synagogue and Museum, and more historic presentations will likely be in the offing at the Old Church, and possibly the synagogue as well.

Carroll is the music and theater director at Lake County High School, but will be stepping into community theater this summer through a production of “The Fantasticks” at the Tabor Opera House, an event that will benefit both the Tabor and the Old Church.

Schaefer noted that the community can anticipate another musical evening in the Old Church at Christmas this year; an event held last Christmas season that packed the house.

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