Jenna Geldreich and Mary Palumbo

Jenna Geldreich (left) and Mary Palumbo will show how to make their custom jewelry between 4 and 8 p.m. Friday, August 2 at Harperrose Studios.

Two jewelry artists will demonstrate their unique methods of turning copper wire into beautiful earrings, bracelets and rings during the “321 Fridays: Summer Artist Series” event at Harperrose Studios on Friday, Aug.2, from 4 to 8 p.m. Jenna Geldreich and Mary Palumbo, both self- taught artists, have plans to show their craft, as well as make custom jewelry during the event. Come join the fun at 601 Harrison Avenue, Leadville.

Both Geldreich and Palumbo started working with jewelry about ten years ago. Geldreich made chain-mail jewelry and started a business with her sister Billie when they lived in the Bay Area. They traveled to local art and music festivals to sell their creations. Originally she used brass wire, but now uses American copper, as its pliability makes it easier to work. Her work is completely handmade in the USA.

Palumbo began her jewelry journey when she was a college student in Flagstaff, Arizona. After taking apart old jewelry and putting it back together in new ways, she discovered her creativity and the satisfaction of working with her hands. She now hammers copper wire and uses gemstones to make “fun dangly earrings.” An avid hiker, Palumbo wears her earrings everywhere. She says, “Even when you’re out there adventuring, it feels good to still have that feminine touch.”

Both Geldreich and Palumbo came to Leadville a couple years ago, quickly fell in love with the Leadville community, and decided to stay. They value the friendliness of the Leadville community, the opportunities to share their craft at Harperrose Studios, and working with Ann Stanek as additional reasons to make Leadville their home.

When she is not crafting her chain-mail jewelry, Geldreich works for the Ark Valley Humane Society as a canine-behavior trainer. She also works with dogs and their humans while teaching non-credit community classes at CMC-Timberline.

In addition to being an artist, Palumbo’s true passion is teaching people in the outdoors, and she has ten years’ experience doing just that in Denver. She is thrilled to be in beautiful Lake County and looks forward to finding her niche here as an outdoor educator.

Palumbo and Geldreich both list their businesses on Etsy. Find Palumbo’s work on Geldreich and her sister’s business, Craftionistas, can be found on It features all kinds of crafts, not just jewelry.

Both artists plan on demonstrating their techniques by making custom jewelry during the 321 Fridays’ event. Geldreich plans on offering custom rings. Palumbo will create custom earrings from pre-hammered frames and a variety of natural stones. Watch these skilled artists craft their pieces to your specifications. They also plan to offer a metal sculpture station where kids/adults can use tools and wire to create small metal sculptures to take home.

Join Mary Palumbo and Jenna Geldreich for an evening of jewelry making. Harperrose Studios and the Leadville Arts Coalition are proud to present these two talented Leadville artists during the last “321 Fridays: Summer Artist Series” event for 2019.

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