New Fire Truck To Come This Fall

June 5, 1944


According to Cy Pierce, chairman of the board of county commissioners, the new fire truck which was to have been delivered the latter part of February is now promised faithfully for October, with the assurance that there will be no further delay. In the meantime, it is thought possible that a small pumper may be secured. Delay in the delivery of the truck is due to war conditions but it is stated definitely that the truck will arrive in the fall.

Halfmoon Gulch Is Selected For Campsite


Halfmoon Gulch has been selected for the site of a summer camp for Boy Scouts. The camp will be held during the week of June 21 to June 27, it has been decided by the district committee of the World’s Highest District.

All Scouts who wish to attend must complete their registration and have their parents’ consent and medical reports turned in to Scoutmasters on or before June 7.

The camp will be under the general supervision of a professional Scout executive who will be assisted by adult members of local Scout committees and organizations.

Any male parent who wishes to help with the camp should contact his son’s Scoutmaster immediately. Volunteers may serve for one or more days at the camp.

German Prisoners Appear Very Happy


Two army trucks crowded with German prisoners stopped briefly on Harrison avenue this morning and guards stood in the street while the trucks “gassed up.” The prisoners looked particularly happy and jovial—and young. As the trucks started on in the direction of Camp Hale, the men waved good-bye with a gesture resembling an American salute more than a Nazi Heil.

Vienna Laundry Hold-Up Frustrated

June 12, 1944


“This is a stick-up, Mister. I mean business.” At these startling words, C. E. O’Brien, proprietor of the Vienna City laundry, looked up from his desk right into a .45 automatic.

It was Saturday night, just before closing time, and a young man had asked for his laundry. Not finding the package, O’Brien sat down at his desk to look through his day book but was interrupted by the sharp command. At the point of the gun he was forced to walk backwards through the laundry but as he reached a hallway he suddenly ducked and fled without taking a bag of money which was lying on the desk. Mrs. O’Brien in the meantime slipped out through a back door and ran for police. An abandoned raincoat had been thrown over a fence in the neighborhood.

MP Stabbed, Shoots Camp Hale Soldier

June 19, 1944


A clash between a soldier and a member of the MP detachment resulted in a stabbing and a shooting yesterday afternoon in the Paramount Club at 308 Harrison avenue. Both victims were badly wounded and were taken by ambulance to the station hospital at Camp Hale.

Pvt. Knute Ranknoe had spent Saturday night in jail on a drunk charge but was released Sunday morning. As Pvt. Ed Topping of the MPs started to re-arrest him, Ranknoe quickly pulled knife and stabbed the officer in the back. Pvt. Topping then shot, the bullet hitting Ranknoe in the groin.

Diamond Rings Found In Street


The loss of a beautiful set of yellow gold, diamond and black onyx engagement and wedding rings caused much concern to Mrs. E. L. Kanser of Pando last week but luckily the rings were found by Roy Jose Martinez of 323 East 4th street, who turned them over to City Marshal Youngstrom to hold until Mrs. Kanser could call for them.

Mrs. Kanser said that the rings were on her lap when she stepped out of a car in the 700 block on Harrison avenue. Martinez, who is employed at the Tennessee Pass tunnel, was waiting in front of the Club Cafe for a truck to pick him up when he spied the rings in the street.

He had seen the advertisement concerning the rings in the Herald Democrat, so he promptly turned them over to Marshal Youngstrom.

Population Increase In School District 2


The approximate total population in School District No. 2 of Lake county is 5,536, according to the tabulation of the school census just completed by Miss Frances Marsh. These figures show that there are 3,451 persons over 21 years of age; 1,374 between the ages of six and 21 years; and 711 under six years. An increase of 82 is shown over last year when the total was 5,454.

The total of all persons in Leadville and its outskirts is 4,987; Stringtown, 44; Bucktown, 61; Jacktown, 29; Finntown, 24; Tennessee Pass, 20, and the Climax road, 15.

These figures apply only to School District No. 2 and do not include other districts such as Climax, Malta, Twin Lakes, Soda Springs, Hayden, Ibex and Oro.

An interesting fact noted by Miss Marsh is that there are just 100 more infants under six years of age this year than there were last year.

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