President’s Ball Outstanding Dance Of The Year

February 5, 1945


A crowd of 500 persons at the President’s Birthday Ball Saturday evening demonstrated again the true spirit which Leadvillites always display for a worthy cause. The many beautiful formal gowns, which created a brilliant scene, plus the gayety of the crowd, made the President’s Birthday Ball the outstanding dance of the year.

At 11 p. m. the Grand March opened with a color guard. The color guard was composed of three Leadville boys home on leave: M/Sgt. Robert Elliott represented the Army; Ralph Young, EM1/C, the Navy; Pfc. Frank Zaitz III, the Marines. This added an awe-inspiring touch to the Grand March. The march was led by Steve Ferkovich, President of the Birthday Ball committee, and Mrs. Ferkovich, who was charmingly gowned in black with red trimming. Miss Catherine Kelly capably directed the formations. At the close of the march, Gerald McMillin touched the hearts of everyone present with his rendition of “Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There.”

Chairman Steve Ferkovich is greatly pleased with the success of the Ball, and wishes to thank all those who helped in any way. The names of all the workers are too numerous to mention, but the following members of various committees were on hand Saturday evening to take care of the details which helped to spell success. Walter Johnson was chairman of the door committee and was assisted by James Sweeney and Jack Polacheck. Judge Charles Schlaepfer was chairman of ticket sales and had the help of twenty-two organizations in the disposal of tickets. Frank Stevens and Edward Kelly handled tickets at the dance. William Hasty and Dan McEachern had charge of the check room. Albert Zack and Harold Voorhees supervised decorations.

Brown-Out Nearly

100% Last Night


From all appearances Leadville’s “brown-out” was nearly 100 per cent last night, the first night of the new national brown-out regulations. Most noticeable was the Liberty Bell theater, where the lighting of the entire front and the marquee had always been so very bright and attractive. However, Manager Bob Nelson busied himself yesterday making the change-over, and the result, 100 per cent within the brown-out regulations, is still attractive. The Herald Democrat window clock came within the brown-out order and will be dark until the order is lifted. The clock can still run, though, and will give the time as usual.

Charles E. Beatty, district manager of the Public Service Co., expressed himself as well pleased with the initial night of the brown-out and the cooperation of the merchants and building owners.

Red Cliff Fire Takes Life Of Pioneer Woman

February 19, 1945


A fire in Red Cliff Saturday morning took the life of Phronia Wadsworth, 87, and completely destroyed the Quartzite hotel building, a building and residence next to the hotel, and a building across the street, all owned by H. H. and Ione Beatty. Three automobiles were also destroyed by the fire, which started in the kitchen of the cafe at about 9:30. The building housed the hotel, cafe, grocery, liquor store and garage. The Camp Hale and Minturn fire departments assisted the Red Cliff volunteer fire department, and their help and pumpers was all that saved the entire block from burning. The fire was not controlled until 1:00 p. m.

Mr. and Mrs. Beatty are well known in Leadville, coming here regularly on business trips and having purchased the O’Connell and Helus ranches.

Mrs. Wadsworth, a Red Cliff pioneer, was the mother of Mrs. Beatty, and had made her home in Red Cliff for more than fifty years. Funeral services will be held in Red Cliff Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Golden Burro Cafe Will Move To New Location Next Month

February 26, 1945


The Golden Burro Cafe and Lounge, under the ownership of Charles K. Frey, will move from its present location, 612 Harrison avenue, to the Schaefer building, 708 and 710 Harrison avenue, some time in March. The new location will afford double the space of the present location and will enable Mr. Frey to better serve and accommodate a greater volume of business.

The labor union that occupied one store room of the Schaefer building has moved to the Vendome hotel building in the location formerly occupied by the Railway Express Agency.

Herald Democrat Has New Teletype Machines


The Herald Democrat today installed two new modern streamlined high-speed teletype machines. The machines are known as model 15 and replace two model 12s that have been in service since the teletypes were adopted here in 1939.

The public is invited to come in and inspect these new machines that will be in operation every day except Sunday from 7:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. More glass space on the front of the machines will permit easier reading from our street windows of the news as it is coming in.

Herman Welch, Associated Press maintenance man, made the new installation and change-over last night and today.

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