Leadville Shivered Under Snow Blanket

Friday, November 28, 1919


Buried under a blanket of snow lying eighteen to twenty inches deep on the level, Leadville yesterday observed Thanksgiving day with the thermometer far below the freezing point thruout the entire twenty-four hours ending at 6 o’clock last night. The lowest temperature recorded was twelve degrees below zero, while the maximum was sixteen degrees above, giving a mean temperature for the day of two degrees above.

Leadville people were kept busy yesterday morning shoveling the deep snow from sidewalks to make walking possible for pedestrians. Passenger trains entering the city, however, were not seriously interfered with by the storm. Denver and Rio Grande passengers Nos. 1 and 15, westbound, both arrived several hours late, reporting deep snow thruout the valley. The Colorado and Southern reached Leadville last night on time.

Special Thanksgiving day services were held yesterday by the churches of the city, the Methodist and Presbyterian churches uniting for services at the Presbyterian church. The sermon was given by Rev. William Walder. Evening services were held last night at the Swedish Lutheran church, and the Christian Science congregation held special services during the morning.

All public offices and stores were closed yesterday in observance of the holiday. Schools which closed their doors Wednesday afternoon will not open until Monday morning, and many teachers have taken advantage of the recess to visit their parents in various cities of the state.

Old-time residents were of the opinion that yesterday was one of the coldest Thanksgiving days that has been experienced here for many years. The knee-deep snow, falling upon the city after months of mild Indian summer weather, took everyone by surprise, and dispelled visions of an open winter.

The Thanksgiving day sermon of Rev. William Walder at the union meeting of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches was based of the words of the fourth verse of the thirtieth Psalm: “Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.”

Rev. Walder said in part:

“If the spirit of gratitude is awakened in our hearts this week, it will be necessary that we think of some common ground to us all. Some of us have material reasons for thankfulness because we have not been reduced to starvation, homelessness, or nakedness. But others have—some in this land, and millions in the old lands, as was evidenced to us only a few weeks ago when Rabbi Friedman and other speakers in Leadville gave record of the over ten million who are suffering at this time in Eastern Europe of starvation, desolation, and nakedness; thousands of others have perished for the sheer want of food.

“Some of us have walked with steady feet the road to prosperity; others have slipped down. If material gains were the only cause of Thanksgiving, some of us would respond with glad and quick steps, while others would move towards the thot with sad reluctance.

“There are like differences regarding our physical well-being. Some have not been held a day by sickness, but from others the couch has claimed many weary weeks. Others have had a year of joys and sorrow, success and failure, health and sickness, all strangely mixed together.

“I am frequently compelled to think of the many mistaken view points many people have of the meaning of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means what the word implies, namely: ‘Thanks for giving,’ whereas many people construe [it] ‘Thanks for receiving.’ Now we know that the selfish receiver seldom catches the real spirit of true Thanksgiving. Hence when reverses, starvation, sickness, and affliction assail such a person, instead of giving God thanks... they are possessed with the spirit of ingratitude. A selfish heart is never grateful.

“The generous giver irrespective of his financial condition is always a thankful man. It is peculiar how the non-giving person is ever careful about impoverishing himself and family, and yet it is very seldom, if ever, that you hear of a bankruptcy in business being brot about by being generous along the lines of philanthropy, church, or giving to the needy. But how common it is to see distress, bankruptcy and even ruin follow in the wake of the selfish person.

“Let us all live the true Thanksgiving spirit during the coming year. Let us see if God will not open the very windows of heaven to us because we [propose] living the Thanksgiving life. This then will be common ground on which we can be thankful irrespective of our financial conditions in life.”

GENEROUS WITH HIS “MULE”—Tommy Corbitt was arrested late Wednesday night by Policeman Brennan when he was found in an intoxicated condition on State street generously offering everyone a drink from his bottle of “mule.”

“'Have a drink on me,' he was telling everybody,” Brennan said last night. “I stepped up to him and told him I would have one. I put the bottle in my pocket and took him to jail.”

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