January 5, 1920


PASSING OF OLD YEAR—Ninteen-nineteen, the aged and decrepit “old year,” faded away into the past at midnight last night with the mournful wailing of every whistle in the county singing its “swan song.” Intermingled with the discordant clamor of the whistles were the clear-toned bells which rang out from the church steeples their farewell to the dying year, and the sharp cracks of guns which barked out their respect to the year that was dawning. Volume was lacking as Leadville residents rang out the old and rang in the new, but the spirit welled up in the sounds which rent the frosty air of the midnight.

At three minutes to twelve o’clock, the farewell to the old year was started, and as the minute hand passed by the vertical position, the welcome to the new year commenced. Harrison avenue was practically deserted, the picture being in striking contrast to the noisy throngs which formerly packed the down-town streets to rejoice with the dawn of the new year.

Leadville business and mining men have looked forward with confidence to the year that starts its course today. The past year has been one of comparative quiet in the mining activities of the camp, but indications point to a rejuvenation of the Leadville district this year. Optimism is the unmistakable attitude of everyone who has followed the course of the famous camp, and Leadville residents enter upon the new year with confidence that the “undying camp” is due for another “up” in the wavering course of prosperity that characterizes the life of every mining camp.

At Armory hall, where dancers thronged last night for the usual New Year’s eve ball, Leadville’s most popular dance piece, “No Name Waltz,” composed by pioneer musicians of the city, was played as the two years touched hands in the relay of time. Many watch parties and house dances were held last night, and the guests took part in the rejoicing at the entrance of the new year.

ENUMERATORS START WORK—The twelve census enumerators appointed by Supervisor Henry R. Rhone, of Grand Junction, to take the fourteenth decennial census in Lake county started their work yesterday morning as the machinery of the census bureau in all parts of the country got underway. All of the enumerators got away for a good start in the districts assigned to them, but will probably consume most of the two weeks allowed them before they complete their work.

Considerable interest was manifested by some local residents in the work of the enumerators. Some had read in the Herald Democrat of the work of the Bureau of Census and were anxious to obtain all possible information from the enumerators. Others were suspicious of the purpose of all the questioning to which they were submitted, and were reticent about giving an answer until the enumerators had explained in detail the purpose of the work.

“I haven’t any money; times are too hard,” one lady answered an enumerator who was just starting her list of questions. Another lady was positive that Assessor Hennessey had visited her and obtained all the information necessary for the collection of the taxes.

In most cases, however, local residents gave the necessary information freely, and did everything to assist the enumerators in their work, as asked of all patriotic and public-spirited citizens by the Bureau of Census.

January 19, 1920


BIG FIRE TRUCK OUT OF COMMISSION—“Mayor Rose,” the only claimant of the fire-fighting championship of Leadville fire department is down for the count. Deprived of any possibility of exercise thru the lack of fires in the city, the big red fire truck has grown old in the joints, and Saturday it was found necessary to place the old veteran in the “hospital” for repairs.

While “Mayor Rose” is convalescing, however, you need not worry for fear that you are not protected from fire. Occupying the berth of the big truck in the fire station, and doing its best to look the part of a dashing fire fighting machine, is the big delivery truck of the Hart-Zaitz company, secured by the city for use in case of fire. Hoses fill the box of the truck, and fire ladders are hung along the sides, giving the truck the appearance of a camouflaged delivery machine.

But while the new “fire machine” can’t boast of the gaudy colors and dashing appearance of “Mayor Rose,” it has a reputation of being a “hard-hitting fool” that can buck the snow drifts. In fact it has such a kick that the firemen at the station intend to christen it “White Mule,” in honor of other well-known kickers of the city.

January 26, 1920


WHO OWNS A DIVINING ROD?—Who is the fortunate Leadville resident who possesses an instrument capable of detecting the presence in the bowels of the earth of gold and silver? That someone has at last found the unfailing “divining rod” has been discovered by M. W. O’Riley, of Los Animas, Colo., and Mr. O’Riley would like to get in touch with the lucky Leadvillite. In fact, he has asked for information as to the lucky individual thru Mayor J. A. Jeannotte.

O’Riley’s letter, which Mayor Jeannotte presented to the council last night, read as follows:

“Dear Sir: Can you give me any information as to an instrument that will locate gold and silver? I have understood there was one in your city. Will you kindly give me what information in this matter that you can, or give me the name of the person and his address? Yours respectfully, M. W. O’Riley.”

None of the members of the council were guilty of finding fabulous wealth thru such an instrument, they declared. The general sentiment was, however, that if any of them did possess such an instrument, Mr. O’Riley would have to whistle for it.

No, Mr. O’Riley, we do not believe any such “divining rod” exists in Leadville, altho the success of Leadville mines would certainly indicate the possibility of such an instrument being used in the district.

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