September 1, 1919


WANTS TO LOCATE HER UNCLE—In the belief that all people visit or live in Leadville at some time during their career, many communications are addressed to local authorities in the hope that information regarding lost relatives will be in possession of the local officers. A letter requesting just such information, which was recently received by John Gregory, county clerk and recorder, is as follows:

“I am trying to locate my uncle, Barton Core. I just lately heard that he was part owner of a gold mine on the Rhyolite Mts. I do not have much hope of finding him living, but if I can get definite trace of him I may be able to locate where his last resting place is at. Any information will be greatly appreciated.”

The above communication was sent by Mrs. Nora Core Warnecke, 353 South 7th street, Kansas City, Kansas.

September 15, 1919


GAMBLING TOOLS BURNED AT DUMP—Oh, it was a great blaze!

No longer will you stand beside the spinning roulette wheel and anxiously watch the course of the caroming ball. No longer will you sit at the “Black Jack” table and try to make a Jack, seven and five add up to twenty-one. For all the gambling paraphernalia confiscated in last month’s raid and ordered destroyed by District Judge Francis E. Bouck was given over to the flames yesterday morning at the city dump. District Attorney Whatley and Sheriff Harry Schraeder presided at the unique cremation as ordered by the district court. Cheated of the opportunity of burning on Harrison avenue in plain view of everyone, deprived of any possibility of being made into chairs or tables by the students at the manual training school, the gambling devices suffered the ignoble fate of burning at the city dump. All the paraphernalia, consisting of cards, chips, tables and wheels, was saturated with kerosene by Sheriff Harry Schraeder, and the match which started the blaze applied by District Attorney Whatley, who thereby performed one of the last acts of his official career here.

It had been planned to destroy the gambling devices last Saturday, the district attorney stated yesterday, but it was impossible to obtain a dray to haul the paraphernalia to the city dump, the drivers at several of the transfer houses here refusing to haul the confiscated property. Yesterday, however, a transfer was obtained, and after the devices were loaded, the funeral procession to the city dump began.

Only a small crowd witnessed the destruction of the gambling paraphernalia. A few people saw the transfer leave for the dump, and scenting what was in the air, followed along. Among those present when the fire was started were M. L. Buchanan, Will Harvey, Jerry Jones, Harry Kahn, Sheriff Schraeder and District Attorney Whatley. As the flames lapped their way higher and higher upon the assembled tables and wheels, the last game of twenty-one and the last throw on the roulette wheel was made by those present.

“Hit me,” cried Harry Kahn as the last deck of cards was about to burn. Harry got his card, “busted,” and the game was over.

Photographs of the fire, and also of the gambling paraphernalia before the fire was started, were taken by L. R. Dold, the photographer.

The public burning of the devices in front of the court house last week was prevented by Mayor J. A. Jeannotte who objected to the building of such a fire on the city streets. An effort on the part of the superintendent of schools to obtain the confiscated property for use of the students in the manual training department also failed, it being the opinion of District Judge Bouck and the district attorney that such a disposition of the goods could not be considered a destruction as required by the state statute.

LEADVILLE MAY BECOME AERIAL STATION—Leadville will be one of the stations for the North American Air Line association if tentative plans for the ocean-to-ocean air line materialize, and if Leadville citizens are willing to contribute the necessary landing station and other facilities for the planes. The proposed route from New York to San Francisco will pass thru Colorado, with stations at Leadville, Red Cliff, Glenwood Springs, Rifle and Grand Junction, but other sections of Colorado are anxious to have the aerial route pass thru their territory, and unless Leadville and the other proposed stations show that they are interested in the proposition, a station may not be located here. Secretary A. S. Sharp notified the North American Air Line association by telegraph yesterday that Leadville would meet all the requirements of the association, and a scout plane will probably be sent here in the near future to inspect landing facilities.

The plans of the association were presented to the Chamber of Commerce in a letter received from the central office at Kansas City. Suitable landing fields, where mail may be delivered, passengers discharged, repairs effected, supplies purchased and other business connected with aerial transportation carried out are the first requirements that the stations must possess. It will also be necessary for each station to pay its quota of the expense of national organization.

“This is an opportunity for Leadville to become a station on the direct ocean-to-ocean Aerial Highway,” Secretary Sharp of the Chamber of Commerce stated yesterday, “and after consulting other members of the local organization, I immediately wired that Leadville could meet all the requirements.” Landing grounds at the old ball park or race track would probably be suitable for the purposes of the association, members of the Chamber of Commerce believe.

If the scout plane which will be sent by the North American Air Line association reaches here, it will be the first aeroplane to visit Leadville, and many Leadville citizens who have never seen the giant machines will have an opportunity of viewing the modern birds of the air.

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