Christina Postolowski presents to crowd

Christina Postolowski, of the Department of Local Affairs, introduces the Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program to citizens.

As of May 2020, mobile-home owners in Lake County will be able to report alleged violations of the Mobile Home Park Act to the state.

Before House Bill 19-1309 was signed into law earlier this year, the only formal way for mobile-home owners and mobile-home park owners to report and resolve landlord-tenant concerns was through legal action. And though a Mobile Home Park Act existed, there was no way to enforce it.

The law grants the Division of Housing oversight over the act, establishing the Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program to support better communication between mobile-home owners and park owners, management and landlords.

Christina Postolowski, of the Department of Local Affairs, led a stakeholder meeting at Colorado Mountain College on Monday night to explain the new law and gather input from Lake County citizens.

DOH is currently working to implement the enforcement program.

First off, mobile-home parks across Colorado will be required to register with DOH by Feb. 1. The registration includes a $25 fee per home in the park, half of which may be passed on to the mobile-home owner.

By May, DOH will have refined a process to receive, investigate and resolve complaints concerning alleged Mobile Home Park Act violations. In some instances, DOH will mediate conflict. In others, where DOH determines a violation, the state agency might impose a monetary penalty or a cease and desist order.

Complaints can be filed by a mobile-home owner, as well as a park owner or landlord. At this point, households renting a mobile home do not qualify. There is no time limit on past violations and the complaints cannot be anonymous.

“Document things ... get ready for filing a complaint when it opens on May 1,” Postolowski told a local who spoke of utility issues at her mobile home park.

The law also expanded the period to pay rent before a mobile-home park eviction from five to 10 days and the period to move or sell a mobile home after an eviction from two to up to 60 days.

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