Sally Glaser appeared in Lake County District Court last Thursday for a motions hearing in which she waived her right to a speedy trial and received tentative trial dates for the end of the year.

Following her arrest in April of last year, Glaser was charged with two felony and two misdemeanor charges related to the alleged sexual assault of a four-year-old student under her care while working at the Center Early Childhood Programs.

The arrest also prompted the re-opening of a case from 2012 wherein Glaser faced allegations of abuse, but no charges. Glaser was later charged with three additional felonies based on review of the 2012 investigation.

The hearing, carried out via teleconference, proceeded over the course of two hours. Glaser’s attorney asked to delay the hearing to allow for in-person proceedings, citing concerns over testimonial motions being hindered by the remote format. The defense and prosecution also filed and withdrew motions in preparation for Glaser’s impending trial.

Glaser’s attorney filed a motion with the court expressing concern that they had not seen any identification evidence provided from the prosecution, such as a lineup or photo array identifying the defendant. The prosecution confirmed that they had not provided such evidence, but would comply and provide any they may have at trial.

The Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s Office withdrew multiple motions which the prosecution had planned to file, including the use of an emotional support dog during testimony and a request to close the courtroom during child witness testimony. The prosecution asked to reevaluate the need for a courtroom closure at the time of the trial, partly dependent on whether court will still be operating remotely by the time the case goes to trial.

During the hearing, Glaser waived her right to a speedy trial in order to reset the trial date. The court is considering dates in December of this year and January or February of 2021 for the trial.

Glaser’s next appearance in court, a hearing to determine if expert testimony is needed or relevant in the trial, is set for July 16 at 2 p.m.

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