The following information was provided by the Leadville Police Department.

• After police officers stopped a vehicle on U.S. 24 on May 1, Teddy Lopez, 35, of Leadville was issued a citation for driving while license under restriction.

• Following a traffic stop on May 1, a Leadville juvenile was cited for only having one number plate on his vehicle and possession of alcohol by an underage person.

• Following a two-vehicle accident on May 2, Christopher Kuczynsk, 21, of New Jersey, was cited for failure to yield.

• Following a traffic stop near U.S. 24 and McWethy Drive on May 2, Jacob Smith, 32, of Pipe Creek, Texas, was arrested on suspicion of DUI, DWAI, prohibited use of weapons and a violation relating to headlamps on motor vehicles.

• A juvenile from Lake County Intermediate School was placed on diversion through the DA’s office on May 9.

• Police became aware of a possible theft by and from a juvenile at Lake County High School on May 10. The principal agreed to handle it.

• Following a traffic stop in the 2000 block of North Poplar Street on May 12, Joseph Carias, 19, of Leadville was charged with driving a vehicle when his license was under restraint and speeding, 46/35.

• Police stopped a vehicle in the 200 block of Harrison Avenue om May 13. A Leadville juvenile was cited for obstructed license plates.

• On May 13, officers conducted a traffic stop in the 500 block of Harrison Avenue. Francesco Rodriguez, 28, was cited for driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

• On May 16, officers went to the Community Bank where they were shown three $1 bills with an unknown white residue on them. The bills were sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing.

• Officers received a report of possible criminal mischief on May 18. Some youngsters were allegedly egging houses.

• Diane Fitzpatrick, 60, of New Hampshire was told to leave Mt. Massive Liquors on May 20 after officers received a report of theft.

• Randy Flores, of Leadville, was cited for following too closely following a motor vehicle accident at Harrison Avenue and Second Street on May 22.

• Donald Davis, 61, of Twin Lakes was issued a citation for limitations on backing following a traffic accident on May 23 at 505 Harrison Ave.

• Jennifer Leesley, 45, of Leadville was issued a citation for disregarding a traffic device in the area of Front and James streets on May 23.

• Police took a report on May 25 that someone had thrown a rock through a window of a truck on West Ninth Street.

• Officers were called to the Pastime Bar on May 24 on a report of a disturbance. Jonathan Reyes, 20, of Leadville, was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and illegal possession/consumption of alcohol by an underage person.

• Officers were dispatched to the Pastime Bar on May 24 in response to a disturbance. Kyle Giossi, 28, of Leadville, was issued a summons for unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages to underage person.

Individuals charged with a crime are considered to be innocent until they plead or are found guilty. Anyone listed here who subsequently has charges dropped or is found to be innocent can contact the Herald Democrat,, and updated information will be published once verified.

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