Who said it and why? The following quotations are taken from issues of the Herald Democrat during 2019. They are presented in no particular order.

“The closer I looked, the more inadequate I thought it was.”

– Paul Clarkson, Lake County Building and Land Use, on Lake County’s former development code.

“I am leaving Lake County Government because I can no longer, as a professional, work and support an organization where the principles of human resources and common business practices are tossed out the window in order to further certain people’s personal agendas.”

– Whittney Smythe-Smith, former Lake County human resources director, in her resignation letter to Lake County Government.

“I’m just angry that the leader of our country is throwing his citizens under the bus.”

– Elise Sunday, on President Trump and the longest federal shutdown in United States history.

“A new hospital helps us attract new providers and new specialists. It will really increase the healthcare offerings here in Leadville.”

– Karen Onderdonk, St. Vincent Hospital, on the hospital’s new facility.

“If everything we did in our cities prioritized the safety and health of 8-year-olds and 80-year-olds, then we would create successful cities for all.”

– A Wintermission press release, on the need for inclusive winter activities.

“From the moment I walked in the door (of the Leadville Police Department) I fell in love. Now, 14 years later, I am still committed to this agency and my dream.”

– Saige Bertolas, Leadville chief of police, on the Leadville Police Department.

“Considering the conditions, it is very fortunate no one got hurt. It was a great collective effort.”

– Dan Dailey, Leadville/Lake County Fire-Rescue, on the fire at Eagles Nest Apartments.

“The majority felt good about owning and operating a business in this community.”

–Mike Bordogna, executive director, Leadville/Lake County Economic Development Commission, regarding personal interviews with business owners

“The snow piles are so large that it takes an entire day to clear about three blocks. Since there are more than 200 blocks in Leadville, the task is monumental.”

– Leadville Mayor Greg Labbe, on March’s series of historic snow storms.

“I enjoy working with people and trying to make the community a safe and enjoyable place to live.”

– Dalton Byers, of the Leadville Police Department, on why he works in law enforcement.

“Once there is a chink in your armor, you can’t undo it.”

– Lake County Sheriff Amy Reyes, on an escape attempt from the courthouse jail.

“My ultra-running dreams and passions were born on Aug. 27, 1983, as I watched the first Leadville Trail 100 unfold while helping director and race creator Jim Butera orchestrate the first grueling event.”

– Marge Hickman, co-author with Steve Siguaw of “Leadville Trail 100: the History of the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Running Race.”

“It’s important to set up an atmosphere for more candid conversation, where there is more freedom to speak.”

– Lake County Commis-sioner Sarah Mudge, of the decision to stop recording Board of County Commissioner work sessions.

“Over time we’ve worked hard to gain the community’s trust and communicate the great work that is happening in our schools. I think this is a testament to that.”

– Superintendent Wendy Wyman speaking about the successful bond issue election.

“This jail is not designed for today’s needs. We just didn’t have the ability to protect inmates and the public.”

– David Gaskill, of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, on the closure of the Lake County Jail.

“This is obviously a very upsetting situation. We know that the trust between parents and schools, and children and teachers, is sacred, and we do everything in our power each and every day to uphold that trust.”

– Lake County School District Superintendent Wendy Wyman, on the Sally Glaser case.

“This is a project that will be built by locals for locals.”

– Katy Welter, an attorney for Westwoods Subdivision, on the development.

“This is a huge win for the opera house project.”

– Leadville Mayor Greg Labbe, on the Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation’s Department of Local Affairs grant.

“By extending the year, and also offering rich programs on Fridays, we believe we have created a calendar that can be a lever for improving student and staff outcomes in ways that a traditional calendar can’t.”

– Lake County School District Board President Amy Frykholm on the extended four-day calendar.

“It takes the emotion out of it. We want to be able to pay our staff for their skill set in a fair manner without shooting in the dark and assigning a salary that isn’t based on anything other than historic pay.”

– Lake County Commissioner Kayla Marcella, of the county’s compensation study.

“I commend you for the courage you have shown through the proceedings at this trial. I can see the pain and suffering, but I also see a very strong woman. I hope the healing continues.”

– Fifth Judicial District Judge Karen Romeo, to Fernando Mendoza’s former stepdaughter, Autumn Roybal, at Mendoza’s sentencing hearing.

“What I did was wrong ... most could say I was a pervert. It was all talk; nothing ever came of it.”

– Fernando Mendoza, on his relationship with former stepdaughter Autumn Roybal.

“I really want to state caution to the commissioners and to the planners that this is a very slippery slope. This is one of the very few non-commercialized valleys left in Lake County and we would like to keep it that way.”

– Chris Brasser, on an application for a training facility off County Road 7, the Weston Pass road.

“This was an Irish metropolis at one stage in the 19th century. Irish miners who came to Leadville deserve to be remembered.”

– Irish Ambassador to the United States Daniel Mulhall, on Leadville’s Irish diaspora.

“Restorative justice is really about ‘how did you damage community and trust,’ not ‘what rule did you break.’ Disrespect often can’t be fixed with consequence. It needs to be a conversation."

– Lake County High School Principal Ben Cairns, on his use of restorative justice at the high school.

“I don’t want to see incredible growth in the opportunity zone area because is it not adjacent to the city core.”

– Mike Bordogna, formerly of the Leadville-Lake County Economic Development Corporation, on the future of opportunity zones in Lake County.

“It’s a balancing act. We don’t know if this is a trend or just a spike.”

– Paul Clarkson, of Lake County Building and Land Use, on the 500% increase in building permits in spring of 2019.

“Be the kind of American worth fighting for.”

– Dustin Palmer, at the Lake County Veterans Memorial Service.

“Three resignations over the last six weeks is not uncommon.”

–News release from public information officer Betty Benson speaking for Police Chief Saige Bertolas about turnover at the Leadville Police Department

“We are still sort of getting a handle on how last winter fits into the pantheon of history.”

– Ethan Greene, of Colorado Avalanche Information Center, on a historic avalanche season.

“I haven’t seen anything this small or outdated in the state.”

– Sheriff Amy Reyes, of the Lake County Sheriff ‘s Office facility.

“Those in charge have attempted to silence those that brought it to light.”

– A Lake County Jail inmate, of cost-of-care fraud under former Sheriff Rod Fenske at the Lake County Jail.

“Law enforcement has always been an interest of mine. Personally, there’s nothing else worth devoting a life to.”

– Anthony Wyma, of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, on why he works in law enforcement.

“Leo Schmitt was chosen for Firefighter of the Year for his steadfast and honorable service to our community. He is always mentoring and guiding our new firefighters to be better in their profession every day and he keeps moving our organization forward for the best interest of all of Lake County.”

– Fire Chief Dan Dailey, on Leo Schmitt’s contribution to Leadville/Lake County Fire-Rescue.

--“While I am moving to a new role outside the county, I believe this will facilitate a larger overall positive impact on Lake County and the City of Leadville as we work together to make our communities prepared, safer, and more resilient in the face of emergency situations.”

– Mike McHargue, of his transition to Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

“What I’m always excited about is the next piece I’m painting.”

–Leadville artist Ben Dallas

"As even small rural communities like ours are becoming more complicated to manage, I have learned that we need a person who is well trained in the specific skill-sets needed to run our city.”

– Leadville Mayor Greg Labbe in announcing that he is running for a second term as mayor

“The only reason this project is moving forward is because of opportunity zone funding. The timing is perfect for this type of project with this type of financing.”

– Developer Duane Cozart on the potential for Gateway Village, a proposed development off Colo. 91.

“Finally at 44 I know what I want to be. I want to be a bike shop owner.”

– Rafael Millan-Garcia on the opening of his bike shop, Leadvelo Bicicasa

“I can’t overstate how challenging this has been.”

– Katy Welter, attorney for Westwoods Subdivision, regarding the application process for the subdivision in Lake County

“I see master planning and budget planning as parallel processes.”

–County Commissioner Kayla Marcella

“The most important thing is to remember that people on probation are part of the community.”

– Chief Parole Officer Wendy Slavin

“The majority felt good about owning and operating a business in this community.”

–Mike Bordogna, executive director, Leadville/Lake County Economic Development Commission, regarding personal interviews with business owners

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