The Leadville Police Department wants everyone to be able to enjoy their time out and get home safely. We have put together a few safety tips to help remind everyone to be alert and keep each other safe.

1. Stay together. We don’t recommend that you go to a bar alone unless you are a regular at that bar.

2. Keep phone numbers handy and your phone charged. Be sure to keep your friend’s numbers on hand, just in case you get separated.

3. Have a code word with your friends so you can safely be removed from any uncomfortable situation.

4. Keep an eye on your drink. If you lose sight of it, leave it! Do not accept drinks from people you don’t know and trust.

5. Plan your transportation with a responsible friend or family member before going out and never change plans at the last minute.

There have been several allegations recently of people being drugged while at local bars. As always, the police department and sheriff’s department want all allegations to be reported immediately so evidence can be collected, and an investigation can promptly start. A special blood test must be taken within 12 hours to show the presence of most date-rape drugs.

If you have made a report to the police department in the past and do not believe your case was handled properly, please contact me at 719-486-1365.

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