The south fire station

The south fire station sits unfinished on Country Road 10. The Board of County Commissioners halted the facility’s construction last summer due to performance and financial issues.

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners entered into a contract with Dynamic Project Management to move forward with construction of the south fire station last Monday.

In 2019, the county began construction of the new station off of County Road 10 between Leadville and Twin Lakes. Since construction began, the project has faced a series of setbacks.

In December of last year, the county terminated its former contract with Peak 360 Services & Homecrafters after a preliminary audit completed by Colleen Kaneda, Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Project Management (DPM), that October identified possible discrepancies in the company’s management of project funds.

By the time the contract with Peak 360 was terminated, the project was expected to be more than $290,000 over budget.

The project, which has been stagnant since previous project manager Jeff Johnson resigned last year, is now under management of Dynamic Project Management (DPM).

The contract is largely made up of language carried over from the BOCC’s previous selection process. After receiving several bids, the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, DPM, which estimated its cost would not exceed $65,907.

The project is being funded through a combination of county and city funds, grants, private donations, in-kind work, and fire department funds, Commissioner Kayla Marcella said in an email. About $370,000 allocated for the station in 2019 rolled over in to the county’s budget for 2020.

DPM will oversee all project operations from beginning to end, including pre-construction needs and any warranty work needed after the project’s completion, Marcella said.

In fulfilling the role, DPM will develop the project’s budget and schedule, secure contractors and consultants needed to complete the work and coordinate the purchase of finishing pieces, such as furniture and fixtures, for the project.

The contract was awarded during the BOCC’s regular meeting June 15 in a unanimous vote by Marcella and Commissioner Mark Glenn. Commissioner Mudge was not in attendance.

Though there is no specific timeline, Marcella said the next phase of construction will move forward as soon as possible once DPM has completed initial due diligence to determine the status of existing work done on the project.

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