Stop signs will remain at the intersection of Mountain View Drive and U.S. 24 for the duration of the winter. The intersection’s traffic lights were removed last summer for an improvement project that is yet to be finished.

The stop signs have recently been enhanced by the addition of an outline of red flashing lights in an attempt to make them more visible.

Mayor Greg Labbe met with the project’s contractor, Technology Constructors, last week to determine how to best move forward with the project.

“We discussed the myriad of failures and the terrible communication issues between Colorado Department of Transportation, Technology Constructors, Koehler Engineering, Xcel Energy and the city,” Labbe said of the meeting. “Ultimately, we agreed that what we want is a completed intersection this spring.”

The primary question at stake is who will pay for the cost of the winter shutdown.

According to Labbe, Technology Constructors will make a proposal to the City of Leadville later this month regarding how to complete the project with the least cost and most efficiency.

If the city does not like the proposal and refuses to sign off on a formal shutdown, Technology Constructors would be contractually required to pay the city $2,300 a day after Feb. 28, the end of the 195-day contract timeline, until the project is complete.

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