Last spring, the Lake County School District (LCSD) rolled out its 2019-2020 calendar and shared that it would be the final year of a mix of four- and five-day weeks for LCSD.

In the 2020-2021 school year, which starts next August, LCSD is beginning to adopt an extended-year, four-day week calendar. This adoption will take place over three years, through the 2022-2023 school year.

Today, LCSD is sharing the 2020-2021 school year calendar with the community. School will start on 17, 2020 and end June 17, 2021. School will run Monday through Thursday most weeks.

“For those wondering why we are moving to a Monday through Thursday schedule, research and stakeholder input are major factors,” said LCSD Superintendent, Wendy Wyman. “We concluded that an extended year four-day week calendar will ultimately best serve our students and staff.”

The district believes that changing to this schedule will limit the amount of learning lost during the summer by shortening the time students are away from their classrooms, intensifying the learning that is happening during the four days that students are in school, and enhancing student experiences with a variety of academic support and enrichment opportunities on Fridays.

“In the future, we hope families and staff will use Fridays to attend to personal appointments,” said Wyman. “For example, instead of pulling students out of school or staff members being absent from work, things like doctor checkups and dentist and orthodontist appointments can be scheduled on Fridays when there is no school.”

LCSD has also learned from other districts that a four-day week can help attract staff members to a school district and positively influence how long they stay there.

Having options for children on Fridays when there is no school is an important part of making the new 2020-2021 calendar work.

“We are working with our community partners to ensure that there are options available for every child and family,” said Wyman. “We look forward to announcing those this spring.”

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