Though many graduations took place around the country this past weekend, it’s safe to say that only the Lake County High School Class of 2019 was serenaded by their commencement speaker with ”The Burrito Song.”

The class asked former teacher George Finnell to speak, and apparently “The Burrito Song” was a regular feature of his classes at LCHS.

Finnell pointed to the many accomplishments of the class: the students who received their associate degrees before their diplomas, those who received CMC certificates, the class-wide receipt of over $1 million in scholarships, and several students admitted to highly prestigious universities.

Finnell recalled the time spent together in class, specially when Finnell, an English major, was tasked with teaching physics and turned some of the lessons over to the students who were more familiar with the subject matter. He also emphasized that the students wrote every day.

Finnell did have some advice:

– Spend time wisely.

– Don’t miss chances when they come.

– Own your mistakes. Move on. Let it go.

He acknowledged that sometimes the students drove him crazy and sometimes he drove the students crazy. “That’s humanity,” he said.

Finnell ended wishing the students love and happiness, accompanied by a guitar.

Serving as co-valedictorians for the class were Damian Medina and Bianca Gonzales. Both cited a number of their class members by name. Medina lauded the class for its diversity. Gonzalez stated that it was “an incredible class that will change the world.”

Seniors Moriah Perkins, Stephanie Reveles and Edgar Tarango performed the Star Spangled Banner.

Emma Dallas recognized the class’s teachers, saying that they gave their students the strength to take the next step.

Ruth Velasquez and Taylor Webster recognized the parents in Spanish and English. Webster said that everything the class members do from here on is dedicated to their parents.

Students, as is tradition, then went into the audience to present flowers to parents and to those who have supported them through the years.

Patricia Galaviz spoke the farewell, the caps were tossed and Lake County High School gained 76 new alums.

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