Karina Olave

Karina Olave is pursuing a career in nursing.

At Lake County High School, all students create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) that guides their learning pathway. Through a multi-year process, students connect their interests, passions, and goals with intentional planning of their courses, internships, independent studies, concurrent enrollment college classes, community service hours, and other experiences that prepare them for post-secondary options.

Student Name: Karina Olave

Grade Level: 12

What are your ICAP goals?

Next year I am hoping to go to CU Denver and study nursing. My goal is to be a pediatric nurse. Eventually I would like to be a nurse practitioner. I am graduating from high school with a Seal of Biliteracy. As a kid I had to interpret for my parents for school and doctor appointments. It was hard on me but I learned a lot. As a nurse I want to be able to communicate with families in their own language.

What specific things guide you in your ICAP process?

When my younger brother or I got sick as children my parents would worry about us. Growing up in a small community with not a lot of access to specialized care we wouldn’t always know what to do. I want to have my own kids someday, and being a nurse will not only let me help others, but my own family as well.

Pick a few classes and describe how they are unique to you and your ICAP.

I took a Human Growth and Development class at Colorado Mountain College where we studied the broad overview of human development from birth to death. The teacher showed interesting videos that made it exciting to learn the content. My favorite part was learning about the toddler age. I learned that at that age human brains have the capacity to learn a lot of stuff and can adapt to any language they are taught.

Explain what your favorite class in high school has been and why.

I have really enjoyed my art classes. When I create art I feel relaxed don’t think about anything else. For me it is a way to cope with stress. My favorite art class was Advanced Studio Art because I was able to focus on what I wanted to draw. I love drawing giraffes, they are kind of like my spirit animal.

Describe any special experiences that you have been able to do in high school, such as college classes, internships, etc.

This year I am a tutor in the after-school program. I really like working with younger students. I think it is helpful for them to get to know an upperclassman. It is important for them to have someone to go to for homework help and advice on life. This semester I am also planning on job shadowing at a medical clinic. I am looking forward to observing the nurse and seeing what it is like working with different patients.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to be doing a job I love, have a family, and be financially stable. I would even love to have my own practice. In general, I want to be happy living the humble life.

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