Nicole Burkart

Lake County High School senior Nicole Burkart is interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

At Lake County High School, all students create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) that guides their learning pathway. Through a multi-year process, students connect their interests, passions and goals with intentional planning of their courses, internships, independent studies, concurrent enrollment college classes, community service hours and other experiences that prepare them for post-secondary options.

Student Name: Nicole Burkart

Grade Level: 12

What are your ICAP goals?

After high school I want to study either nursing or child psychology. I am interested in being an RN because there are a lot of opportunities to do different kinds of nursing (i.e. work in the operating room or do home health care) I am interested in child psychology because it would be really rewarding to work with children and I am fascinated with human psychology.

What specific things guide you in your ICAP process?

I have had struggles in my life where I’ve realized how important it is to be there for people in a time of need. I want to have a career where I can help others.

Pick a few classes and describe how they are unique to you and your ICAP.

I am currently taking English Composition, which is a dual-enrollment class through CMC. I am enjoying this class because I am learning to be a better writer. The work load is more rigorous than some other classes I’ve taken and I’m learning a lot. I also took sociology and found it interesting how everything in our society is connected. We studied things about race and poverty and what helps shape social standards.

Explain what your favorite class in high school has been and why.

This past summer I took a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course through CMC. I really liked doing the clinical practice. I worked at Columbine Nursing Home and helped the resident’s with ADL’s (activities of daily living). I helped people with filling oxygen tanks, feeding, getting dressed, and using the restroom. I am planning on taking the licensing test to be a registered CNA.

Describe any special experiences that you have been able to do in high school, such as college classes, internships, etc.

This year I am taking Culinary Arts classes through CMC to get my certificate of occupational proficiency. In this class I am learning how to cook a bunch of different foods in a variety of ways. So far my favorite thing to make was sautéed broccoli. Surprisingly, it tasted really good, though I’ve never before liked broccoli.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If I go into nursing, I want to be a traveling nurse so that I can see different parts of the world.

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