I’m passionate about education, and especially making sure that quality, affordable education is available to everyone in our communities. That’s why I’m running for the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees District 2, and why I’m asking for your vote.

I retired from CMC after over 30 years of teaching developmental studies, history, education, and Learning Lab at the Roaring Fork Campus. During my time as a faculty member, the college gave me many opportunities for growth in my discipline and in leadership, and my experience encompasses extensive committee work at both the campus and collegewide level in budget, curriculum, strategic planning, and vision and mission. At the state level, I was a CMC representative for both the Colorado Community College System and the Colorado Department of Higher Education for many projects, and I have worked on General Transfer Pathways, education policy reviews, and curriculum development. At present I am serving on two veterinary technician advisory boards, and I continue to teach as an adjunct professor. At the local level, I have been fortunate to be involved with District RE-1 working on mission and teacher evaluation, Glenwood Springs High School governance, scholarship, as an elementary reading tutor and in enrichment. I was a member of the Frontier Historic Society board helping gain designation of Certified Local Government for Glenwood, and I served on the Glenwood Springs Commission for Historic Preservation.

My interest in continued service to the college and community stems from a strong belief that I am a part of the community, and I should be involved and contribute. We all benefit from the college’s offerings for education, healthcare, law enforcement and personal growth in our mountain towns. CMC has incredible faculty and staff who provide programs that need continued support to grow and maintain excellence. As a lifelong educator and longtime Roaring Fork Valley resident, I believe that I can bring an important perspective of higher education and a deep knowledge and understanding of CMC and its mission in our communities to support the college’s future.

Mary Nelle Axelson

Glenwood Springs

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