This last week I purchased a household membership to the Get Outdoors Leadville Gear Lending Library. What a wonderful community resource! For a nominal membership fee, residents can have access to outdoor recreation equipment. Outdoor recreation offers so many positive benefits to our community and, unfortunately, too many of our county residents do not have the resources for the required equipment.

The Gear Lending Library can fill this gap for many of our residents and allow them to get introduced to the world of outdoor recreation and improve their quality of life without having to initially invest precious personal resources.

I can personally see how this community resource has the potential to positively touch every segment of our community including health care, commerce, employment, mental health, and growing personal relationships among our residents. I would like to encourage every resident and organization in Lake County to support this program through memberships, volunteering, and donations.

With my new membership, I checked out some fat tire bikes for my family for a day of riding the groomed single track behind the college. The Cloud City Wheelers do such a great job maintaining the single track trails behind the college to offer a safe unique riding experience when we have snow up to our eyeballs. If you’ve ever wanted to try fat tire biking I encourage you to get a membership and hit the single track. If you find you like it, there are bike shops in town that sell both winter and summer bikes for year-round enjoyment.

The Gear Lending Library also offers access to cross country ski equipment, snowshoes and many other types of winter and summer gear for outdoor play time. A full list of equipment is available at the Get Outdoors Leadville website; get on line and check it out. The Lake County Public Library has free internet access with a library card if you don’t have access at home.

I would personally like to thank all of the many dedicated professionals and volunteers that make recreation in Lake County such an adventure for all of our residents. The Gear Lending Library is one more piece of this amazing puzzle that provides access to outdoor recreation opportunities for everyone in our community.

Matt Main

Lake County

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