In response I am writing this letter reluctantly, but find it necessary to address the editor’s notes following the letter my wife, Stacy Kelly, wrote in last week’s paper.

Rockies Rock, it is one thing to acknowledge receiving our e-mail. It is another to give a response. I find your avoidance in responding to our questions and concerns about your organization’s involvement in the incident totally unprofessional, disrespectful, and cowardly.

Sheriff Reyes, stating that there were not false statements is not only not true, it directly contradicts what Deputy Reynolds told me on the phone when the two of you were at my house to serve me with a summons for child abuse. This summons was based on the witness statements of Kelly Fernee and Rebecca Kohn, stating they saw me cut down several tire swings, including one that had a child in it who fell to the ground and caused physical harm to the child.

I was then told by Deputy Reynolds that if I did not come by the sheriff’s department that evening to receive the summons, that he would be at my house the following morning to handcuff me and arrest me. That evening when I showed up for the summons, I was told the child abuse charge had been reduced to harassment. When inquiring as to why, Deputy Reynolds told me that false statements had been made. Your own deputy said there were false statements. Fortunately, for me, I was not home, otherwise I would have been charged with child abuse, based on false statements.

Stacy and I have never met with Deputy District Attorney Crisera. Throughout my entire case, I never had a conversation with her. If I were asked to pick her out of a police lineup, I do not think I would be able to identify her.

My attorney, Jim Fahrenholz, has assured me that in one of his first meetings with Ms. Crisera concerning my case, she offered a plea bargain. He told her it was highly unlikely I would accept the offer, but he would, nonetheless, inform me of her offer. Ms. Crisera told him that there was a possibility that if I refused the plea bargain, her office might up the charges to disorderly conduct and trespassing. I have no reason to think my attorney would misspeak concerning this.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their unwavering support and trust in me through this very painful time: my best friend and wife, Stacy Kelly. She has carried the torch relentlessly. All my high school mountain bike team members, and their parents, both past and present, many of whom wrote incredible letters of support on my behalf to the district attorney. All my family and friends who have been by our side and in our corner through all of this. You all helped in keeping Stacy’s and my spirits up. Lastly, thank you to the Colorado High School Cycling League, Kate Rau, and her staff, who were incredible in their support of me.

The current sheriff ran her campaign championing restorative justice. Deputy Reynolds is now using transparency as one of his campaign platforms for County Commissioner. I hope both of you remember that actions speak louder than words.

Bruce Kelly


Editor’s note: The Herald cannot confirm or deny what Deputy Reynolds told Bruce Kelly on the phone. Reynolds referred the Herald’s questions about the incident to Sheriff Reyes.

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