Get Outdoors Leadville! is celebrating another great summer of Rockies Rock Adventure Camp, and would like to thank the many campers, families, staff, and partners that helped make this year successful.

For eight weeks, GOL! facilitated 31 days of fun, educational, fresh-air experiences for 158 campers from 119 different families. Rockies Rock created 17,360 participant-program hours, during which Leadville youth (and a few visitors) got to better know our public lands, explore local outdoor spaces, and enjoy recreation opportunities all across Lake County. National research indicates that youth in the United States now spend an average of only seven minutes per day engaging with nature. Well, as we all know, Leadville is no “average” place. And Rockies Rock is helping to reinforce that – in some great ways! During camp, about 100 participants each week spent seven hours per day, four days per week outside, unplugged from screens and electronics, immersed in active, outdoor and nature-inspired learning, play, and growth. GOL! is proud to help increase that national average through Rockies Rock because we know time spent outside has so many profound benefits: physical and mental wellness; community building; improved learning and academic performance; increased practices of environmental and community stewardship and more. We are also proud to provide quality summer youth programming for the community, knowing how it helps support family needs when school is out of session.

None of this would be possible without the campers and families who make the Rockies Rock community and experiences so special. And the staff team – our junior counselors, crew leaders, adventure leaders, and camp director – bring the Rockies Rock magic!

We are also incredibly grateful to our many partners and collaborators and the many parent/guardian and community volunteers who joined us through the summer.

Thanks also to Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and Rocky Mountain Health Foundation for the generous funding to support Rockies Rock programs, as well as Team Rockies Rock and their donors who helped underwrite camp scholarships this summer!

We are already looking forward to summer 2020!

Cisco Tharp

GOL! Healthy Kids Director

Beth Helmke

GOL! Implementation Director

Jackie Radilla

GOL! Hub Coordinator

Becca Katz

GOL!-LCSD Community Learning Director

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