Warmer temperatures, another hour of evening sun and great community events give us reason to celebrate here at the Herald Democrat.

To start, congratulations to Lake County’s third grade students and teachers for a job well done on their 10th Mountain Division Celebration of Learning.

The assembly, which featured student-led history lessons, patriotic songs and prose recitations, is an impressive example of Lake County School District’s expeditionary learning curriculum.

The curriculum aims to engage students as real-world investigators of local and state history, the natural world and science. Expeditionary learning also emphasizes positive character, teamwork and leadership.

For this year’s third graders, the unit included writing journal entries as if they were 10th Mountain soldiers, a meet and greet with World War II veterans and the serpentine ski-down at Ski Cooper. Expeditionary learning in action!

Congratulations are also in order for all those involved in the 72nd annual Leadville skijoring. Over 70 teams from across the United States (and New Zealand) raced the Harrison Avenue course. Horses and humans also managed to stayed safe despite the warm weather.

And thanks to Duffy Counsell, who always stops by the Herald office despite sore legs and a raspy throat on the Monday after skijoring to help staff identify photos and results.

Skijoring and Crystal Carnival are an important boost to Lake County’s economy each winter and the Herald appreciates all the hard work that goes into the weekend.

Election season

Election season kicked off this month with the presidential primary. Lake County is “feeling the Bern,” with 599 local votes going to Bernie Sanders, more than any other Democrat or Republican candidate.

Speaking of Republicans and Democrats, both local parties held caucuses last weekend. The Republicans nominated Ezekiah Lujan to run for District 2 county commissioner at their county assembly, held directly after the caucus. The Democrats’ county assembly is next week.

Unsure of the Herald’s rules for election coverage? Keep on reading.

Candidates may submit one letter to the editor announcing their candidacy. As always, 500 words or less with a home address and phone number.

If a candidate or a letter writer says something about another candidate that he or she believes to be untrue, the Herald will consider publishing a rebuttal letter.

Readers may submit one letter in support of a candidate and one letter in opposition to a candidate. Positivity is appreciated, but sometimes, dirty laundry deserves to be aired.

The Herald will cover meet-the-candidates events that include all candidates. Remember “Battle for the Badge,” the Herald’s debate for sheriff in 2018? How about a 2020 version a la commissioners?

The Herald will publish candidate questionnaires for general election races later in the year. Expect to see a question and answer spread for St. Vincent Hospital’s board candidates in mid-April.

Lastly, the Herald does not publish photographs of candidates outside their professional capacity unless the newspaper is covering a political event. Basically, don’t expect the Herald to photograph your campaign t-shirt on Boom Days.

To place a political advertisement, contact Stephanie Wagner at advertise@leadvilleherald.com.

Cheers to a fair and thought-provoking election!

Rachel Woolworth

Herald Editor

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