If you watched either or both nights of the debate between Democratic candidates for president last week, you know that the election season is upon us. Like it or not.

It’s been interesting to see the contenders and read the national press as they determine the winners and the losers. It’s so early in the game that most people aren’t ready to make any final decisions, but it’s good to know that there are options.

It was a real relief to listen to the 20 candidates last week and hear concerns expressed about issues that the current administration seems to disregard. It appears that the 20 at least give lip service to concepts such as treating other human beings with respect despite the many ways they might differ from us. It was also good to hear climate change get the respect it deserves. And although I didn’t listen to the entire debate, I believe I am correct in saying that none of the candidates spoke of the press as the “enemy of the people.” Thank you 20 candidates for not displaying this kind of ignorance.

But in truth, at the Herald Democrat we try to concentrate our efforts on local politics, so we will soon be looking closely at such issues as who will run for Leadville mayor. That election is this coming November, and there hasn’t been much buzz yet. Generally we have more than one contender for the mayor’s spot.

We like it when there is more than one candidate for any city office, because that means that there will be some conversation about what direction the city is taking. People already serving in office have a chance to defend their actions. Yes, we admit we like a little controversy, because the truth tends to emerge from those situations.

I suspect there soon will be more to say about the city races.

In this week’s paper we have an interview with a Democratic candidate, Dan Baer, challenging incumbent Cory Gardner for the U.S. Senate. Our policy is that we do provide some coverage whenever any state or national candidate shows up at the Herald office or participates in an event here. If a candidate passes Leadville and the Herald Democrat by, well, that’s their choice.

The Herald has already started receiving letters to the editor about the 2020 presidential and senatorial elections. None has met our “letters” criteria so none has appeared in the Herald. We only accept letters on national elections/issues from people living in Leadville or Lake County. A letter from someone living outside this county will appear only if it is about a local issue. Local means Leadville or Lake County.

But let’s not rush too much into the coming elections. It’s summer in Lake County. Thursday is July 4. Run a race. Watch the parade or march in it. Eat free food at the hospital. See the fireworks. That’s good enough for now.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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