The Leadville community is at the heart of our mission of the Leadville Main Street Program. In this time of COVID-19 uncertainty and the stay-in-place order, it might seem like there is not much you can do to help your local businesses and community partners.

However, there is, and we need YOU more than ever to continue to safely support small business and keep calm while remaining #LakeCountyStrong. In the spirit of that support, the Leadville Main Street Program has partnered with the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation, the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Visit Leadville Twin Lakes and the Herald Democrat to “Keep a Beat on 10,000 ft.”

This community campaign is to promote our businesses during a time that they truly need us to come together.

Each day of the week, we are asking for you to join in with a fun task/challenge that we will promote on Facebook or through emails. We need your help to support these fun, action-orientated challenges by sharing them with your friends, family and neighbors. You can spend locally safely by buying gift cards, shopping over the phone, putting items on hold, shopping online, leaving a great review, promoting other businesses on your social media and maintaining subscription services. For example, we hope “Takeout Takeover Fridays” gains popularity as an easy way to help our food establishments. Join our fun day of the week challenges!

Additionally, if you are a business and want to be listed or need to update your operations on the campaign’s online business directory, found on, we are happy to include your information. Please reach out to the City of Leadville to get your most up-to-date business listing on the Leadville Life Directory under “Keeping a Beat at 10,000 Feet.”

Sometimes, world events define generations and eras. Leadville is no stranger to digging deep and coming together as a tight-knit and strong community. Let’s show that Leadville grit and tenacity and commit yourself to support our neighbors while remaining safe! #DoingOurPartCO,#LakeCountyStrong, #LovinonLeadville, #SupportSmallSafely.

Sarah Dallas

Leadville Main Street Program

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