Thanks to all who participated in last week’s Business After Hours, which was a celebration by most of the businesses that date back to 1879 and marked their 140th birthdays this year. The Herald Democrat is one of them.

We have an alternate suggestion for those who suggested that we hold this celebration every year. They said we should celebrate 141 years in 2020, 142 years in 2021 and so forth.

Our suggestion is that in 2020, or really any time in the next decade, the businesses and other entities that got their start in the 1880s could host a celebration.

As far as we know, these are St. George Episcopal Church, 1880; Tabor Grand Hotel, 1885; Temple Israel, 1885; and the Delaware Hotel, 1886. There are quite possibly others of which we’re unaware.

We got this list from an event the Colorado Workforce Center held in 2015 honoring businesses that had been around 100 years or more.

Lots of letters

After an amazing number of letters regarding both the 4A election and the election for CMC trustees, we have reached the point in the year when letters stop and we can return to the other articles that have languished in the copy box waiting for this moment when more space is available.

Letters, like funeral notices, have expiration dates. Now or never. Other things can wait a bit, but we apologize to those who have been waiting for such things as the National Mining Hall of Fame induction, the Friends of Twin Lakes volunteer projects and Get Outdoors Leadville photos. If they aren’t in this paper, they will appear soon.

And speaking of those letters, perhaps we’ve reached a point when election-related letters should be shortened from a maximum of 500 words to perhaps 300. Got to give that some thought before the next election.

So what’s next?

Speaking of the next election, both Commissioner Sarah Mudge and Commissioner Mark Glenn will complete their first terms in office at the end of 2020, and we’ve already heard some buzz about who is planning to run for those offices. Nothing official, however. Neither Glenn nor Mudge, as far as we’ve heard, has announced whether they plan to run again.

But speaking of voting, don’t forget to cast your ballots in the current election.

We’ll miss art fair

We were sorry to hear of the cancellation of the Leadville Arts Coalition’s Holiday Crafts Fair. It always signaled the start of the holiday seasons to many of us and was an excellent chance to support our local artists. We hope that there will be another opportunity for that.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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