I am honored to be your public servant as county commissioner and look forward to being your choice for the next term as I officially seek re-election and your vote.

In the six years that I have been working for the county, (three for Lake County Build a Generation and three as county commissioner) I have learned a great deal. I continue to do so every day. I have gained necessary tools to continue to support the hard work being done for this community, by our community. There are so many aspects to this role, each critical to the sustained success of Lake County. From maintaining and building new relationships locally and statewide, developing projects, supporting programming, and establishing intentional planning and responsible budgeting in preparation for the closure of Climax in 2038, I have been hard at work as a part of a great team at Lake County Government.

It is essential to work in partnership, and to call on existing resources, both within the county and across the region to make lasting, thoughtful, creative, and sometimes bold decisions, all while aiming to maintain the fabric of this community and the environment we all cherish.

As your commissioner I am committed to the continued development of several exciting and important projects. I have been instrumental in plans to improve internal and external communications within the county and community by planning the creation of a new county website where community information and resources will be accessible. Other priorities I am invested in include, but are not limited to: continuing development of water infrastructure and administration; responsibly planning and managing the critical needs of jail and courthouse facilities; continuing the progress on infrastructure at the Airport Industrial Park for potential current local business utilization as well as attracting new business; strategic planning of road improvements; assessing county facilities to establish maintenance, repair, and replacement planning; advocating local and state utility companies to approach projects efficiently, effectively, and equitably for the benefit of Lake County; and identifying critical staffing positions that will support all departments and provide continuity needed for planning and focus on long-term priorities.

Being invested and involved in our community is important to me, especially as changes occur in Colorado, and as my family grows here. As a friend, neighbor, wife, and mother in our community, I feel it is my civic responsibility to participate in the process and give my energy to effect progress. As we experience pressures in growth it is more important than ever to unify as an organization and community. I am eager to continue this work and believe your support will help us achieve these community goals for wise and thoughtful governance. I am proud of my shared accomplishments and resiliency over the last three years as your county commissioner, and want to earn your support in my re-election to continue supporting our progress. I look forward to hearing feedback and input from you. Thank you!

Sarah Mudge

Lake County

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