I support question 4A in the upcoming election because the school bond is the key to a prosperous Lake County. Unless we do something, tax burdens on individuals and businesses will grow with the approaching closure of Climax and the county’s increasing capital and operating needs. It seems unfair and nonviable to ask existing taxpayers alone to pay this bill. The only solution is to expand our tax base — to grow the number of people and businesses paying taxes in Lake County. More people and entities paying taxes will reduce burdens on current taxpayers and businesses and allow the county to address problems such as affordable housing, paving and infrastructure, economically-sustainable healthcare, and providing for basic services.

The link between outstanding schools and increasing outside investment is almost absolute. We simply need great schools to expand our tax base. Modern, efficient school buildings will help us achieve this goal. Having school buildings recognized by the state as being at the bottom in terms of condition among thousands of school buildings across Colorado will make this goal exponentially more difficult.

What makes saying yes to 4A even more of a slam dunk is that, thanks to the dedicated teachers and visionary leadership in the school district, others have agreed to pay 2/3 of the cost of our new school building. (I cannot afford to turn down a $21 million dollar gift – can you?) Lake County will need to invest only 30 cents on the dollar. Delay, and we will have to foot the whole bill. The deal is too good to pass up. On Nov. 5, vote for Lake County. Vote for 4A.

Danny O’Brien

Lake County

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