The new year is upon us, but during the past couple of weeks we’ve been looking back to 2019 and compiling the year in review, which starts in this newspaper and continues over several weeks until we run out of 2019 events.

If we were to label each year in the past with the major happening of the year, what would we call 2019? Probably The Year of the Avalanches, for the year brought numerous such occurrences, not just in the backcountry but also on the roads many of us drive to work. Another choice would be The Year the Bowling Alley Collapsed.

It’s likely then that 2018 would be labeled The Year Everyone Ran for Sheriff, because leading up to the 2018 election there were five candidates for this office. Another possibility is The Year the Undersheriff went to Jail.

Then there’s 2016: The Year the Police Chief Was Charged with 16 Felonies.

The year 2015 might be named The Year the Hospital Threatened to Close, but Didn’t.

How about 2014? The year the Sayer-McKee roof collapsed. Or, more positively, the Year the New High School Opened.

And 2012? The year the Climax Mine Once Again Started Shipping Molybdenum. For this community, that might be the biggest story of the decade.

Of course all these years also have more personal meanings to us, but we’re talking from a news standpoint.

As we look back through 2019, there are a number of smaller events that stand out, many of them positive. The biggest news of any given year, such as the reopening of the Climax Mine, might be positive, but it is more likely to be something more dire.

Going back and compiling a Year in Review actually has several purposes. Once we go through this exercise and it appears in the January newspapers each year, we have a record of the major happenings of the year. So if we’re trying to recall “What year was it that the hospital almost closed?” we have a way to go back and find out for sure.

There’s another reason, too. Around the holidays, there is very little news unless there’s some sort of a disaster. Government bodies don’t meet as frequently. People go out of town so it’s difficult to reach them in order to see if they have a comment or opinion on something.

Along comes the good old Year in Review to fill our pages accompanied by photos of the past year as well. And we’ve added to that the quotes of the year.

No lead story for the week? No problem. That’s why Faces of 2019 appears on the first edition of the new year.

As for 2020? We know something big will happen. After all, this is Leadville.

We hope it’s a good year for you.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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