Remember back in the days not so long ago when we lived in what might be described as “more normal” times. Remember when we could take it for granted that our elected officials would somehow find a way to do the right thing — that we would stick close to facts and the truth by using these values as an inner moral guide for our nation.

No one questioned or attempted to discredit the trustworthiness of the FBI, along with the rest of our federal agencies. Neither did anyone criticize or ridicule the integrity and patriotism of career public servants like Lt. Col. Vindman or William Taylor or Fiona Hill or Ambassador Yovanovitch. But my, how times have changed in just three years.

You have to give President Trump credit. During this period of time, he and his accomplices have managed to turn the world we call “normal” so upside down that we don’t know who to trust or believe anymore — why, he’s even convinced a sizable portion of Americans to take Putin and the KGB’s word over our own FBI! Incredible.

If someone had told me three years ago that this sort of stuff would be going on today, I would have told them they were crazy. So what’s the next move in the dismantling of America’s democracy? Why, it just happened last Friday when the Senate majority voted not to invite witnesses to the trial — the first trial in American history where witnesses weren’t called on to testify. What a rigged trial in favor of the President, and what a slap in the face to the American people!

In my opinion, Mr. Trump seems more like the Pied Piper than the President due to the simple fact that he seems to lead us a little further away from ourselves every day. He realizes that his success depends upon his ability to lead us away from our normal world and the historical values we have always held as Americans. He understands that he has to divide us as to who we are and what we want to become. He knows that if he can lead us far enough away from ourselves, we may not be able to find our way back home.

Friday evening when the Senate decided not to hear testimony from key witnesses, they handed Mr. Trump the authority to hold himself above the law while we move one step closer to losing our cherished democracy!

So if you love your country and you want to hold on to our traditional American values, please take the time to vote. It’s never been more important.

Wade Fox


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