Last spring I began working through the process of property valuation appeals, finally reaching my goal of attaining a hearing with the state Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) after the expected rubber-stamping of that valuation by the Lake County Assessor Office (LCAO) and the County Board of Equalization.

The BAA has now “determined that a hearing was necessary on the merits of the case,” a case that does not concern my personal property valuation but long-running, systemic malfeasance in the LCAO.

I have worked in the LCAO on three occasions. The first two times I saw a department functioning more or less as statute and professional integrity require. The third time I was shocked to see an LCAO that had slipped its legal moorings and drifted far out to sea.

So it was that, as well as doing more property inspections in four months than had probably been done in the previous five years, plus providing excellent customer service, plus working on some long-ignored issues, unlike everyone else I began and completed a detailed investigation, running into hundreds of pages of evidentiary material, to confirm my suspicion that the stench permeating that office did not waft from rotting cheese. So it is that, unlike everyone else, I can speak from facts rather than ignorance or con artistry, and I do not make claims which I cannot substantiate.

How does one small county sink to such a sordid state, with eight elected officials, a county attorney, and assorted lackeys all bearing responsibility of one degree or another? Let us count some of the ways: 1) It has a majority party apparently bereft of honest leadership. 2) It has a minority party apparently bereft of any leadership. 3) It has a majority electorate so childishly gullible, so eagerly bamboozled, so proudly possessive of political intelligence barely advanced beyond that of a box of rocks that it continually places serial con artists in office. I guess it’s just one of my defects to see all that as a problem. Further, as low to abysmal political intelligence, acuity and discernment are opposite traits to mine, those who seem to believe that I should apologize for not lowering myself to their duped masses level will find themselves more amply rewarded via their next unicorn hunt than in such delusional hopes.

As my appeal covers nearly every property valuation in Lake County, if anybody who has been railroaded by the LCAO in recent years and who might wish to join the good-citizen ranks by preparing an affidavit regarding your experience, to be included as part of my appeal, get in touch, but do it soon. You will need to get some evidence and do some writing. My presentation will also be sent to media outlets and elected officials at all levels of government around the state, so if anyone locally wishes a copy too, also get it touch. Note however, it is hundreds of pages.

Alan Ainsworth

Lake County

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