The Colorado Mountain College board of trustee position is vital to the continued growth and development of CMC and the respective communities each campus serves.

Once I heard about Christine Whittington’s intention to run for the Colorado Mountain College District 6 Board of Trustee position previously held by Pat Chlouber, my first thought was what a wonderful asset her appointment would be for not only CMC but also the BOT district that includes Leadville.

My endorsement for Whittington is based not just on her relevant, stellar credentials and experience alone but also the opportunity I had to work alongside her as a fellow CMC employee and peer for several years. I was full-time staff (Natural Resource Management Institute program manager 2006 – 2009) and faculty (Natural Resource Management 2009 - 2018) during the time Whittington held her position as the library director. I had the joy to interact with her and to witness her commitment to academic integrity and fortitude towards student success that led to her being named CMC Leadville Staff of the Year in 2017 after only a couple years. Additionally, Whittington clearly demonstrated her knowledge of current issues in academics, particularly those that affect students and faculty, that are essential for future strategic planning at CMC. We were both members of the Leadville campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), a group that promotes academic freedom and integrity among its faculty, vital to the success of any institution of higher learning.

Not only did Whittington continuously stress the importance of a vigorous learning center in the library, she brought those elements into the community. Knowing how important CMC is to Leadville, she co-developed the “Meet the Author” series that brings a wide diversity of speakers and topics to the Leadville community. Overall, her continued involvement with the Lake County community brings a sense of commitment, diversity, and enrichment. Whittington’s involvement on numerous past and on-going committees clearly shows her commitment to the Lake County community.

I strongly feel that Whittington’s vision and strong sense of academic integrity is what will continue CMC on a future path of student success and continued involvement with the community. Although no longer part of the CMC and Leadville community, I feel that my extensive understanding of both entities and my experience working with Christine Whittington warrants this letter of endorsement for the CMC BOT position on the ballot this upcoming November.

Kato Tsosie Dee

Norman, Okla.

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