Recently it was brought up about up the lack of support from the sheriff’s office for the memorial ride. Sadly we had received several credible threats involving possible violent actions at the schools, and we felt the safety and welfare of our children took precedence over anything else.

I want to offer my thanks and deepest gratitude to all of our vets to include the ones in my and my husband’s families as we both have a long and proud history of family service in the military.

Thank you my father Gilbert (USMC retired – Semper fi); my oldest son Bobby (USN active); Aaron’s grandfather Lloyd (winner of the Silver Star, USA deceased); Aaron’s father James (Vietnam era veteran who actually served as an MP at Camp Hale as it closed); PFC Scott A. Rush (1971-1991,Purple Heart, KIA USA); and Aaron (Gulf War era vet USA).

Again, thank you to all who served, and I am sure that everyone, especially our vets, understand that sometimes situations arise that call for hard decisions to be made to ensure the continued safety of our community, and even though on the surface it may look like we missed something or did not care, the truth is we had what we felt was a threat that took priority over anything else at that time.

With gratitude and respect to all those who served in my family and yours.

Sheriff Amy Reyes

Lake County

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