We said not too long ago that the past election for Lake County sheriff might not be over yet and sure enough, we got another letter pertaining to the election last week.

This letter is not going to appear in the paper, and that is somewhat regrettable because it accused us of lacking fair and unbiased reporting, and we always like to give critical people their opportunity to exercise their right to free speech. Even at our expense.

However this letter was anonymous with no return address and a Denver postmark. No way we can credit an individual with their newspaper critique without a name.

Anyhow this person was noting that some of the people hired by Sheriff Amy Reyes after she took office are no longer with the sheriff’s office.

Apparently we should have known this, and we should have reported on it.

In truth, we didn’t know this, thus we didn’t report on it, although we do have a story in this issue.

“Don’t you think the community deserves to know these types of things?” the letter-writer asked. And then the final twist of the knife. “Where is your fair and unbiased reporting?”

Dear letter-writer: Well, you caught us. It seems that our crystal ball has been sent out for repair and the Magic 8-Ball we use isn’t set up to feed us information. It basically responds with a yes, no or maybe, at best. And frequently it is not that definitive.

A lot of our news comes from attending meetings, talking to people on the street, and emails or phone calls. We actually don’t get too many anonymous letters, so we try to enjoy the few we do receive. Like yours.

Your assumption that we didn’t report on whatever may have happened at the sheriff’s department because we chose not to is, of course, meant to be insulting. We aren’t insulted, because what you believe is wrong.

Do we really need to go down to the sheriff’s office each week, and perhaps to all government offices, to inquire if anyone has been fired? Perhaps we should hire several more reporters to accomplish this. But that’s not going to happen either.

In any case, thank you for providing this information to us. You could have done it in a kinder way, but we know that there was a lot of ill will that went along with the sheriff selection and apparently you haven’t recovered yet. Here’s to your safe recovery.

Magic 8-Ball?

It has actually been some time since we used the Magic 8-Ball to make predictions, and so why not give it another try?

We have a couple of issues on the table including ballot questions, so let’s see what we can discover. (Note: these are actual 8-Ball answers to the following questions.)

Will the school bond election pass? Outlook not so good

Will voters agree to let Salida join the CMC district? Outlook good

If Christine Whittington and Bob Hartzell make it onto the ballot to run for the CMC board of trustees, will Whittington win the election? Ask again later

Will Hartzell win the election? Better not tell you now

Three years from now, will we have additional affordable housing in Leadville/Lake County? My reply is no

In 2020, will there be a surprising result to the election for county commissioner? It is decidedly so

Will we get additional anonymous letters about the 2017 sheriff’s election? You may rely on it

Will the first substantial (meaning it requires plowing and shoveling) snow come before Oct. 31? It is decidedly so

We will check back later and see how the 8-Ball did.

Marcia Martinek

Herald Editor

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