My name is Stephanie McBride, and I am voting yes on Bond Issue 4A!

Voters saying yes to 4A would provide the matching funds needed to receive a BEST grant. These funds would allow for the district to build a new pre-kindergarten through second-grade school.

I was born and raised in Leadville, and I now have three young children of my own. My oldest went to preschool at Pitts for two years, and she is now a first-grader at West Park. We had amazing experiences at both schools thus far because of the amazing, caring staff at each school.

There were, of course, some very hard unproductive days at school. We all remember last year’s snow days at West Park because the snow load was too much for a rapidly aging building. I also remember a day in preschool with no heat. These conditions are unacceptable! At these early stages of learning, every day at school counts!

A new school for our preschoolers through second-graders would afford our children more equity in their learning with updated, functional learning spaces. I am as nostalgic as anyone when it comes to “the round room,” but we seriously need to consider and take care of the generation we are raising now.

I intend to raise my family in Lake County and remain a leader in the community, so a school where my children only have to worry about their learning and social/emotional skills would be wonderful. I would love for our teachers and staff to also have a place they can do their best work in and take pride in. This new school would benefit our entire community!

Please join me Nov. 5 in voting yes on 4A!

Stephanie McBride


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