Year after year, the Lake County School District Art Department receives a tremendous amount of support from our community members, businesses and families during our annual Spring Art Show fundraiser. This year, despite our inability to hold the art show, businesses and community members made an extraordinary effort to help us raise the funds needed to sustain our art programs. It is with the utmost gratitude that we thank the organizers, businesses, community members and community entities for supporting us, our students and our programs with the “Share the Love” auction. The remarkable teamwork from Harperrose Studios, Stellar and Sage, Leadville Main Street, Leadville/Lake County Economic Development Corporation, the Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce, the Herald Democrat, local businesses and the patrons who purchased goods from the auction was incredible. It has been a truly amazing experience to see people’s ability to come together and support one another during a time of crisis.

Our community and school district have shown us that the arts are a priority. This commitment has provided a sustainable opportunity for Lake County students’ artistic and creative skills to grow immensely. We are fortunate every day to see the fruits of this commitment come to life. Our students consistently show increased fine motor skills, abilities to see the world from different perspectives, creative problem solving skills and the courage to approach these problems with confidence. This will transfer to other parts of their school and life experience. Art is also an important form of communication and expression, giving our students an opportunity to use their imagination and creativity as an outlet. Thank you Leadville and Lake County for supporting our students towards becoming successful scholars, citizens and artists.

Amanda Good

Lake County Intermediate School

Erin Farrow

Lake County High School

Katie Anderson

West Park Elementary School

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